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Acrylic Bathtubs

Acrylic bathtubs are in high demand when we look at home and bathroom renovations. These bathtubs have proven their worth in recent times due to their excellent reliability and quality excellence. In addition, these bathtubs are not expensive for what they offer.

So, if you are running low on budget and need a promising centre of convenience in your bathroom, we can help you here at Homelable. We'll try to cover all the aspects of these quality bathtubs and will mention the reasons why they are so popular.

What is an Acrylic Bathtub?

A bathtub made from vacuumed acrylic sheets and then finally processed by the fibreglass composite. These bathtubs come in different sizes depending upon your requirements, styling, and comfort level.  Now let's understand the materials inside these bathtubs.

We find fibreglass composite inside the construction, and it has porous nature making it vulnerable alone. The porous nature will suck the moisture more often than needed. In addition, the acrylic sheets reinforcement adds extra durability to the bathtub.

It ensures obstruction to the water inside the fibreglass composite as it is covered now. Therefore, it makes the whole bathtub highly durable and promotes longevity while keeping you on a low-budget goal.

Why are Acrylic Bathtubs so popular?

There are many reasons to go for a promising acrylic bathtub, but we'll try to cover the most important ones below,

1.     Lightweight Profile

Acrylic bathtubs weight gives it another advantage over other bathtubs, like the solid surface bathtubs or the natural stone bathtubs. The installation process is going to be challenging for the other bathtubs, but no more as acrylic bathtubs are easy to install and move.

In addition, lightweight bathtubs are easier on the floor, so they don't put much pressure. High pressure resulted from heavily weighted bathtubs can be harsh on tiles. Therefore, these bathtubs are highly recommended for the safety of the floor too.

2.     You are in Charge

You are in charge of everything when you purchase one of these bathtubs. This is achieved through the lightweight and flexible materials used in the manufacturing process. They come in different sizes and shapes, suiting most styling options, unlike non acrylic bathtubs.

These bathtubs are easy to construct in a variety of different shapes and styles. Therefore, you can select from a wide range of styling options you get with these affordable bathtubs.

3.     Easy to Maintain

Most bathtubs catch scratches over time which can be a worrying factor for most people. You can conveniently make these bathtubs surface brand new through the polishing process, unlike other bathtubs. That makes acrylic bathtubs a lot easier and straightforward to fix compared to other bathtubs that may be harder to fix.

That's another advantage an acrylic bathtub has over the different bathtubs that are currently in the in the market.

4.     Cosy in Winters

Who doesn't love a warm cosy bath in the winters? This is exactly what you expect when you have an acrylic bathtub as a centrepiece in your bathroom. The bathtub construction gives it a heat retention value for prolonged warm bathing in winters.

The bathtub sustains the heat for longer and doesn't let an escape forming a very relaxing bathing experience. So, it's an incredible choice for all long and warm bathe lovers.  

5.     Improved Longevity

You may not want to confuse an acrylic bathtub's durability with the fibreglass composite in the construction. It is further strengthened by the acrylic piping, leaving it a porous and vulnerable profile behind for a more robust structure.

The overall structure is non-porous as acrylic blocks the water passage so that bathtub no longer sucks/absorbs the water. Therefore, this non-porous profile increases the service life of the bathtub for improved durability standards.

6.     Easy on the Budget

If you are in savings and want to spend less on quality bathtubs like the natural stone bathtubs, then an acrylic bathtub is the most suitable fit for you. Reasonable price is offered because of many aspects coming along with an acrylic bathtub, including lightweight and size design flexibility. If you're also after a budget bathroom renovation, you can also choose ceramic basins to go with the bathtub.

Solid surface bathtubs or natural stone bathtubs are costly if we put them in comparison against the acrylic bathtubs. The acrylic bathtubs are highly durable considering the price.


Q. Are acrylic bathtubs good?

Most of these bathtubs offer bundles of functionalities for the concerned people. They form excellent heat retention functionality along with a high value of resistance. On top of everything, they come at affordable price options.

The prices can vary from the difference in sizes and designs, but they still make budget-friendly bathtubs. So, an acrylic bathtub does make a good option overall.

Q. Do acrylic bathtubs crack?

 As we have discussed above, all acrylic bathtubs are resilient to cracks because of the non-porous profile. They don't let water inside the structure for improving longevity. So, these bathtubs are primarily resistant to chipping and cracking.

Q. Do acrylic bathtubs turn yellow?

The construction on these tubs is done through promising vacuumed sheets. These quality vacuumed sheets are then combined with the fibreglass composite giving a specific non-porous profile in return. A non-porous surface doesn't allow chemical penetration.

They no longer allow mould to build upon the surface. Therefore, the acrylic bathtubs don't turn yellow even after long-term usage.

Q. Which is better acrylic or stone bathtubs?

It is obvious when we compare acrylic bathtubs to stone bathtubs. Cast iron tubes are highly durable if we pit them against acrylic tubs. Acrylic tubes can be prone to scratches, unlike cast iron bathtubs requiring less maintenance.


So that was our complete discussion regarding the acrylic bathtubs. We discussed each aspect surrounding these incredible bathtubs. There are many reasons to choose these bathtubs over the rather expensive options in the market like solid surface bathtubs.

You are getting incredible non-porous structure elevating the durable profile of these bathtubs. They have heat retention functionality, making them cosy in winters. In addition, they come in a range of sizes and styling options, making them flexible for most people.

Finally, these bathtubs are lightweight, considering their excellent durability. They offer easy installation as they are easy to move around. So, they make a must have in your bathroom home or project along with freestanding bathtub mixers to compliment.