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Bamboo Flooring

If you are looking for graceful and environment-friendly flooring for your house, then bamboo flooring is a bright option to consider. Homelable will specifically explain the bamboo-based flooring option that has been going in the consumer market trend for some time now.

This flooring option brings many advantages that will make you fall in love with this popular flooring type. In addition, we will brighten your concept about all the essential aspects of this flooring we all love.

What is Bamboo Timber Flooring?

This flooring option is always taken as a rivalry to the hardwood flooring option because of the same surface behaviour. The flooring is derived from the bamboo plant, which isn’t a tree-supporting hardwood flooring option.

The incredible material processing brings a stiff and rigid structure, giving it a very sturdy profile overall. In addition, this flooring type comes with many finishes, enlightening choices for the consumers regarding selection and all.

Bamboo flooring is in great demand because of its water-repellent functionality, which is brilliant. So, most bamboo floors are excellent in terms of maintenance.

Reasons to Purchase Bamboo Flooring

Now let’s talk about some of the best advantages you get when purchasing bamboo flooring,

1. Requires a little maintenance

Maintenance can be a confusing situation for people when considering floorings for their homes. That is the reason why bamboo floors are highly competent in the consumer space, and these floors are easy to maintain, unlike other wooden floors.

All you need is routine cleaning, promoting a convenient experience overall. Besides, it is always advised to clean any type of wooden floor regularly as they catch dirt. So regular cleaning will be enough to maintain long lasting bamboo timber flooring.

2. Eco-friendly

Strand woven bamboo flooring comes in front of the competition against hardwood floors. Manufacturers process hardwood floorings from maple and oak trees which require a longer growing cycle. On the other hand, bamboo being a plant, has a shorter re-growing cycle.

That makes it a compelling choice when we put it in comparison to hardwood floors. Therefore, bamboo floorboards production takes off the entire stress from the hardwood floors. So it makes up for a very worthy purchase.

3. Brilliant durability

Bamboo flooring are generally stronger than other wooden floors, and it is highly resilient against outer impacts and drops. You will no longer have to worry if an object falls on the top of the surface as it’s more rigid and more robust with its unique pattern.

Also, these floors are abrasion-resistant, ensuring more robust protection overall. The bamboo flooring fits grass fibre, ensuring better strength and quality sustainability on top of everything. So this strong fibre pattern weaves the composition powerfully.

The bamboo timber flooring doesn’t bend or show signs of quality decline, which is an impressive advantage for most people. Therefore, you have this fair advantage of strand woven bamboo flooring against most hardwood floors that can chip over time.

4. Extensive designing

Bamboo floorboards can improve the look and feel of your interior with elegant composition. They aren’t costly even if we put them in comparison against general hardwood floors, which is another tremendous advantage.

These floors have a lot of design options ensuring better personalisation when it comes to the purchasing part. You can select different tones and aesthetically pleasing designs to complement the floor along with your home interior.

Bamboo flooring look luxurious and elegant to touch as we compare them against hardwood floors. Besides, the flooring also sustains the design and quality of the tiles even after long-term usage, and that makes bamboo flooring a trustworthy choice for everyone.

5. Affordable

This can be the most incredible benefit of bamboo flooring compared to hardwood floors. Most solid wood floorings are expensive, and they don’t offer such durability as bamboo flooring.

In addition, the installation cost is also very reasonable as they are easy to install and fix on the floor. The incredible manufacturing standards bring down the troubles of fitting problems on varying base surfaces.

So you no longer have to worry about spending a lot of money on installation. There are many quality distinctions when it comes to strand woven bamboo flooring. So you can pick the exact suitable flooring type that will serve the exact purpose.

Besides, most of these flooring ensure incredible quality and durability on top of everything.


Q. Do bamboo floors scratch easily?

Most bamboo flooring differ in terms of quality and durability, but they come highly durable. The durability is better when we compare bamboo floorings with hardwood. Therefore, most bamboo floorboards are scratch-resistant as well.

So these floorings are durable than hardwood floors, and they are not easily scratched.

2. What are the problems with bamboo flooring?

There are quality distinctions in bamboo flooring; while most of these floorings are durable, but that’s not where it ends. Some bamboo floorboards can be inclined to damage and scratches compared to more durable flooring options like timber look tiles.

3. Is bamboo a good choice for kitchen flooring?

It makes a wonderful selection for your kitchen flooring options as they are tough and durable. Additionally, they are repellant to moisture, which is a common trouble in most kitchens. They also come in different shapes and sizes, improving flexibility standards.

4. What are the advantages of bamboo flooring?

There are many advantages of this trendy flooring option, including its environment-friendly nature and quality sustainability. In addition, this flooring type provides better texture and enhanced durability for long-term quality assurance comparing to carpets.

You will get yourself off from continuous maintenance, unlike other floorings. It doesn’t require extensive maintenance, but a regular dust cleaning will do the job.


That’s where our topic regarding bamboo flooring ends with a detailed analysis. We explained the overall concept and introduction about the bamboo floorboards that are in hot trend in todays market, which are highly durable and resilient to impacts.

In addition, bamboo flooring compared to other timber floorings like the laminate timber flooring or the engineered timber flooring have survived because of their incredible value.

They provide better strength and protection against scratches so that you can trust them for long-term usability.