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Basin Mixers

Luxurious, elegant, and modern. These are just some of the features of our basin mixers. If you are looking to add one to your bathroom, you are at the right place as we have many high quality bathroom tapwares to choose from.

Homelable has the perfect bathroom taps to suit any taste and budget, best defined by outstanding quality, modern designs, great functionality, and user-friendly. When planning bathroom renovations, you're at the right place.

In terms of functionality, a bathroom mixer tap simply combines hot and cold water feeds to flow out through a single spout, which can be controlled either by a lever or twin handles, allowing you to effectively manage the temperature and pressure of your water — but functionality is not everything to us.

Our bathroom taps have a minimalist and appealing design that fits perfectly into any modern architectural environment.

Each of them is characterised by modern-class design. From the mixing nozzle to the hoses and fittings - every component of our basin tap is in the right place to ensure durability and performance.

Basin Taps

It’s a conventional type of basin tapware that you see in most older bathrooms or new bathrooms that showcase the traditional look. These basin taps exhibit two taps used for cold and hot water depending on the weather circumstances, and you won’t find them in modern interiors.

In addition, these basin taps are not as expensive as basin mixers, for example, as basin mixers take on modern design language and convenient water functionality through a single spout.

Basin Mixer Taps

A basin mixer tap is not your conventional water tap. Basically, it controls the water temperature flowing through a single faucet, making it easier rather than a hassle. In addition, the single spout makes it easy to control the water temperature.

The tap works through both hot and cold water in the blend to form a great temperature control. There is an incredible benefit of using a basin mixer tap over the normal basin taps in comparison, and you can receive constant temperature water for longer.

That makes you get away from the cold-water hassle when we talk about cold weather. Besides, the other taps use different water pillars for the flow of hot and cold water. So, these modern faucets make water flow easier overall.

Basin Tapwares

The term features all types of basin taps and basin mixer taps available in the market, and that includes all basin mixers and normal taps using two different pillars for hot and cold water flow. So, all types of basin taps and basin mixer taps come under this term.

There can be different colours, sizes and designs of basin taps you consider for your basin. Modern bathrooms prefer to have these tap mixers instead of bringing up the aged conventional taps. So, the practical implementation varies from person to person.

In addition, let’s talk about some other types of basin taps below.

1. Monobloc Basin Taps

This basin tap features only one tap hole sink design that processes both cold and hot water flow. These taps are in great practice in today’s time due to the incredible water temperature controlling capability.
A single lever handle present inside the structure is used to handle the temperature of the water. So, temperature control is highly convenient along with usability. Besides, these basin taps come in a range of elegant designs and shapes, enhancing any bathroom appearance.

2. Wall Mounted Basin Taps

Wall mounted basin mixers are not like other taps we often find in bathrooms. These taps are to be attached directly to the bathroom wall, which makes it an elegant bathroom companion depending upon the interior taste and elements similar to wall mixers.

The fixation process can be tricky depending upon the piping process that gets along the attachment process. So, this type of concealed basin mixer has its pipeline hidden behind the wall mounted basin tap. You get these tall basin mixers in a variety of shapes and sizes, complying with your requirements.

How do Basin Mixers Complement your Bathroom Interior?

There are different factors to look through when we talk about some of the mixer taps as they are a hot trend in the consumer space. Each basin mixer incorporates a unique and appealing appearance along with the sizes and designs to suit most ceramic basins and stone basins.

Consumers can get to choose different types of basin mixers along with the size preferences. But there are a few things to look over when we talk about the selection of mixer taps for your bathroom.

They are given below,

- Make sure the basin mixers complement your bathroom interior.

- An appropriate size and design should be considered for better visual appeal.

- The colour of your basin mixer tap should comply with your interior bathroom theme.

By satisfying these conditions, you can make the most out of your bathroom’s interior using basin mixers inside your bathroom. So, basin mixers can enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom in a better way.


Q. What are basin mixers?

It’s a modern designed basin tapware that works in a unique way to let you use water of the desired temperature conveniently. In addition, this basin mixer tap combines both hot and cold water to provide an excellent flow of water using a single spout.

Q. How do you install basin taps?

There are simple indications to follow to install the basin tap. First, you’ll need a firm grip on the mixer in your hand and you will require a water-tight seal, and you will have to position the mixer accurately.

In addition, you will have to pass on the hoses using the hole that is present inside the basin. You now must position the mixer while putting the water seal in connection, and that is the easiest way to install the basin tap but you might need to seek professional help to install basin taps onto natural stone basins.

Q. Basin mixer taps VS basin mixers?

These taps are similar in comparison to the normal basin tapwares that we find in most modern bathroom interiors. There is a purpose for these basin mixer taps with a twist and turn on mechanism, unlike the basin mixers where you have an all-in-one flick control.

Q. Can I install my own basin tapwares?

It can be very intricate work to install basin tapwares if you don’t acquire first-hand knowledge about the installation process. You must have prior knowledge about such technical things to maximise convenience when it comes to installing taps without professional assistance.


So that was our complete discussion regarding the basin mixers. These modern taps exhibit strong value in the consumer’s space due to manifold reasons, and mixer taps make water flow usage convenient with proper temperature control.

In addition, these taps come in a variety of shapes and sizes in comparison to the normal basin taps. So, you gain better temperature and quality control using these mixer taps. Also, our guide illuminates every aspect of these taps so you can have confidence going through the buying process.