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Bathroom Vanities

Are you looking for some space surrounded by lights and mirrors in your bathroom to get ready?
The bathroom vanities give your bathroom a luxurious look, with a classical setup. A person can just stand in front of a bathroom vanity with a mirror and get ready like a movie star. The vanity setups are the places on which you can put your items.
You can get these vanities from today’s market in different sizes, shapes, colours, and styles. Depending on the theme of your bathroom, you can buy an aesthetic vanity.
The vanity gives you a great amount of storage space for bathroom essentials combined with a mirror that offers modern design in today’s market.

What are Bathroom Vanities?

Bathrooms give complete personal space, and hence there should be a proper vanity unit to enjoy. The bathroom vanities provide storage space with an attached sink for shower or personal items.
Also, there is a mounted sink, fixture, and tap attached to it with a space at the top for different items.
The bathroom vanity with a sink has some drawers or cupboards attached with it. A person should select bathroom vanities which will provide a longer year’s guarantee of strength and use.

Vanity Types

Bathroom vanities come in different styles and has different types of surface finish. You can get a classic traditional vanity or a customised vanity. People should always be sure that their bathroom has enough space to install the vanity of their choice.
When you are renovating your bathroom, you must know different vanity types to suit your design of your bathroom. A great vanity is the one that gives you a perfect space to place your required items on it. Most people prefer those which give a modern and flush finish look.
Among the different types of bathroom vanity units, the main types are double vanities, floating vanities, small vanities, or wall hung vanities.

Double Vanities

As the name shows, we can use double vanities in the bathrooms for double people. The double vanity setups have two sinks attached on the two sides of it. That means two people can easily get ready together standing in front of it.
You can also enjoy two separate portions below like cabinets. A single person can store their items separately in their area to make things uncluttered.
You should do proper research before buying these double vanities for your bathroom. The price range, their durability, and the style should be considered. You should read the reviews and a complete description of the product before buying.
The vanities have a lot of benefits for your bathroom. You can get extra space for your items, and they also save time for people living in a house.

Floating Vanities

You might wonder what are floating vanities? A floating bathroom vanity gets attached to the wall without extending to the floor also known as wall hung vanities.

The floating vanities with a sink create a floating appearance in the bathroom which gives a modern look. A floating setup has become so popular in the last few years.
You can consider this option if you want to make your bathroom look larger. They include various drawers, shelves, and cabinets attached to it for storage. A person can pick any of them according to their choices.

Small Vanities

People these days often want a unique vanity setup for their tiny bathrooms. You should then consider small vanities as the best option.

The small setup gives a classic look to your bathroom and saves enough space for other bathroom items. You can get them in different colours, styles, and shapes.

The small sinks also have an attached small-sized cabinet with them. For providing a modern and stylish look to your small bathroom, choose this option if you are tight on space.

Wall Hung Vanities

The wall hung vanities attach directly without placing them on the floor. So, it creates a lot of space left behind these vanity setups. There are a lot of options available for this type of sink unit.
You can get them in different sizes, and they can have one or two sinks. The people can attach this modern vanity to any height of their bathroom.

Different Options for Vanity Units

We can say that the vanity unit is the centrepiece of any bathroom. They come in a range of different sizes, and shapes from which you can choose. Vanity units also have many different designs and height ranges.
Some designs are traditional, French style, modern looking, unique, or minimalist vanities. Their size depends on the size of the bathroom, and they come in different price ranges.

How to Choose Bathroom Vanity Units?

Choosing the right bathroom vanity unit might be a difficult task sometimes. You must consider so many factors while buying anything for your bathroom.
The main factor includes considering the moisture or humidity in your bathroom. If you think there is humidity or moisture in your bathroom, go for a water-resistant vanity sink.
The durability is also one of the main factors to consider for selecting a bathroom vanity. So, select the most durable and the strongest bathroom vanity unit for your bathroom.

You also must keep in mind the budget while selecting a vanity set. Appearance also matters a lot, so go for those vanities which give an aesthetic look to your bathroom.


Q. What is the use of a bathroom vanity?

A bathroom vanity provides a space with a sink attached to it. The vanity also has cabinets or cupboards attached to it. You can also place your personal or other items in them and can also get ready by standing in front of them. They give a stylish and modern look to your bathroom.

Q. What are the different vanity types for your bathroom?

For bathrooms, there are different types of vanities. The common types are single sink vanities or double sink vanities. In addition, there are also pedestals, free-standing, floating, or mounted sink vanities.

Q. What is a wall hung vanity?

A wall hung vanity is a storage like cabinet installed directly on the wall without legs. Unlike its other counterpart the freestanding vanity has legs usually at all 4 corners.

The wall hung vanity is mostly preferred if you would like to save on space and have some storage space at the bottom of the cabinets.


Homelable completely discussed bathroom vanities, their uses, and different types. We talked about the main things which include their different types, their modern styles, and shapes. You can get such bathroom vanity cabinets from the market at different prices.
We did touch on all the aspects of the vanities, and how to choose a perfect vanity for your bathroom.

We included the main factors which should be kept in mind while getting a bathroom vanity. You should check the price range, strength, and durability before buying.