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Concrete Look Tiles

Concrete look tiles are a great way to bring the beauty of concrete into your home. These tiles are made from porcelain and feature an intriguing design that replicates the look of cement. The unique architectural style makes them perfect for your kitchen splash backs, bathroom walls, and more! 

There is no doubt that concrete look tiles are a chameleon of sorts. They can take on any colour, texture, or shade you want - allowing you to create flooring for your unique project that speaks to your style and aesthetic.

Our concrete look floor tiles can fix any imperfections in your existing flooring and create a one-of-a-kind style. Add some textured, distressed design to your kitchen, transforming it into a trendy concrete look, or polish the shine out of high gloss tiles for a modern, minimal aesthetic.

Homelable is here to give your home a warm industrial feel with these brand new concrete look tiles aiming to add a touch of modern chic to even the most contemporary spaces.

Our concrete look tiles are more versatile than a plain concrete floor. They're lightweight but durable; meaning, they will withstand long wear and tear without staining or chipping!

If you fancy the typical rough, raw, and grey concrete look, then concrete look tiles are just right for you. Concrete tile designs come in a wide variety of grey tones, so you can select the one that you're most comfortable with.

Why Concrete Look Tiles? 

Concrete look tiles give you a look of monotone which enhances any theme you are going for. They maintain the floor with a concrete look and mostly made of porcelain that gives a reduction in absorption of water.

These floor tiles are waterproof, scratch-resistant, fire-resistant, and it is also stain-resistant which makes it easy to clean and preserve as good as new. Most concrete look tiles have an abrasive surface finish which provides a great grip on the floor.

The range of colours and finishes it comes in is a core element in its durability as they don't become dull or drabby in many years to come. It is built to bear the heavy traffic for everyday routine as it is mostly made with heavy-duty porcelain.

Polished Concrete Look Tiles

Polished concrete look tiles are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, mainly ones with heavy traffic. The tiles closely emulate the real concrete floor. The inkjet technology allows manufacturers to design colours and patterns that are seamless and realistic.

This indicates the advantage of using the raw beauty of nature in full aspect as they deal with extra slip resistance, additional styles, and any more preferences you may have. Here are some many great features of polished concrete look tiles.

1. Reflects Nature

In general, prospective polished tiles give it a close emulation of the look which reflects nature wonderfully in your garden. Outdoors on the terrace or indoors in the living rooms or your bathrooms, find some suitable concrete look tiles which lie in your comfort.

2. Climatic Survival

These tiles are a clear choice as they can undergo your climatic changes and still survive with all their beauty and there are even some fabulous designs particularly lined up fitting up to your delightful taste for indoor and outdoor spaces.

3. For Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

There is a large scale of finishes and designs of concrete look tiles to suit the indoor and outdoor applications. There are different designs for different locations like living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry space, and even outdoor spaces like alfresco and patios.

Concrete look tiles will bring the kitchen to life with the natural look of tile and stone benchtops that would suit modern day luxury home. There are perfect designs for your outdoor surfaces like pools, patio, outdoor sitting spaces, and outdoor kitchens. The best thing about it, it’s low in maintenance, and as well as not pricey.

Concrete Look Floor Tiles

Concrete look floor tiles are made for spaces like the office or industrial themed spaces, which makes a perfect and graceful environment for some motivated and inspirational work.

Concrete look floor tiles can be customised to your liking in terms of design with today’s modern day inkjet technology that allows you to satisfy your desire for colours and patterns of your choice.

These tiles have a tangible coarse surface that prevents slipping, and they are ideal for wet areas like the bathroom or the outdoor space if there is rain. These tiles have a high capacity to bear rough screeching incidents, which makes them even more reliable. Here are some reasons why concrete look floor tiles are so popular.

1. Eco-Friendly

Along with creating artfully concrete displays, concrete look tiles are crafted from natural materials, sand clay, and colour pigments, making them extremely durable and eco-friendly.

2. Palette Designs

An extensive design palette authorises you to create better spaces as concrete tiles are splash and slip-resistant, making them faultless for several commercial spaces; besides they are tough enough to lever dense foot traffic as well.

Benefits of Concrete Look Tiles

Style your home or modernised your office with a sophistic dictated concrete look, these smooth concrete look tile delivers specifics that inspire efficiency.
These tiles are sturdy, striking, reliable, unadulterated, and efficient.

Its best quality is the natural look that it offers, all the while being not so heavy on pocket. Here are some benefits of these tiles.

- They help hold your steps, so you don't slip.

- These tiles will not crack, fade, or give up in any weather.

- Concrete look tiles are stain-resistance; their durability is undefinable.

- They are waterproof because they’re made mostly from high-quality porcelain, so if the water sits on your floor for some time, it's no trouble.


    Q. Are concrete look tiles good?

    The concrete look tiles maintain the floor with high-quality porcelain that gives a reduction in absorption of water. These tiles are waterproof, scratch-resistant, fire-resistant, and stain-resistant; therefore, it is easy to clean, so it can be simply one of the best options without breaking the bank.

    Q. What are concrete look tiles used for?

    These tiles can be used anywhere you like, indoors or outdoors, offices, houses, or commercial spaces.

    Q. Do concrete look tiles crack?

    Concrete look tiles don't crack or get stained. They are made for bearing heavy traffic; therefore, they won’t crack or get stained that easily due to its heavy-duty construction from high quality porcelain.


    During recent years the industry of interior and architectural designs has had some intense revival changes in the styles, with the key being contrast. The colours of these tiles tend to bring some classic designs to the home or commercial areas.
    Specifically, if you are going for a modern and minimalist look, then its best of considering concrete look tiles.

    At Homelable, we can be concerned that the industry of architectural and interior designs has got the revolution of concrete look tiles which is not going to go old that easy and will be in the market for a very long time.

    Concrete look tiles have become the definitive leader for many of the current trending designs or styles. The natural look way more inspires these tiles; therefore, they have become a unique trend of today.