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Engineered Timber Flooring

While designing an interior, renovating, or building your dream home, everyone wants to make their interior space look visually appealing. The engineered timber flooring has become one of the most worthwhile features from the last few years and even in today’s market.
In terms of appearance, timber adds natural appearance, uniqueness, and style to the floors. People now look for the best engineered wood floors while designing their home interior.
We can also call it a true wooden floor that is easy to install, and people can also find it easy to maintain because of its wooden surface. In addition, it will be cost-effective, and it has many benefits like natural wooden look with strong structural surface.  
This floor is a multi-layered floor and has hardwood layers under the layers of protective coating. The materials used for its construction mostly include timber veneer or some laminate surface layers.

What is Engineered Wood Floor? 

An engineered wood floor uses engineered wood planks in its construction for wood flooring. The different number of plywood layers make these wood planks, and these layers firmly bond together.
In addition, an upper hardwood layer covers this wood floor with the upper thin hardwood layer making it visually appealing and provides structural strength.
It provides a luxurious look to the floors and is highly durable. In high traffic areas of homes, people mostly love to have engineered wood flooring due to its strength. The use of wooden floors has been increasing all over the world.
These floors have higher durability and are versatile due to their layered construction. Timber also remains stable in any unstable environment, so therefore so many people prefer to have these floors fixed in their homes.

Types of Engineered Timber Flooring

In Australia, there are many types of engineered timber flooring to choose from, here we will mention the most trendy ones in today's market.

1. Engineered Oak Timber Flooring

An engineered oak timber flooring consists of many wood layers bonded together. Plus, it also has an oak layer fixed on the uppermost surface above these wood layers.
The wooden planks increase their durability and strength because of their specific way of construction. There is either a plywood panel on the lowest layer or a 3-ply block panel glued with the oak layer. During home construction, the homeowners often prefer this light oak engineered wood flooring.
In contrast to solid oak flooring, it is more stable and stronger. There are many benefits of installing this engineered oak wood flooring in your home. It is strong enough to withstand any extreme weather fluctuations such as extreme humidity.
Moreover, it can also be fixed in the underfloor heating places such as in the kitchens. People can easily install these floors because there is no compulsion to fix them on floors.
People also prefer them over solid oak flooring because they are cheaper and economical. By placing these oak timber floors in rooms, your room will look elegant and will give a luxurious look.

2. Blackbutt Engineered Flooring 

As the name indicates, the blackbutt engineered flooring includes the use of blackbutt hardwood in its construction. Blackbutt is a hardwood that widely grows in Australia. This blackbutt wood can regenerate in a short period, so people in Australia mostly prefer blackbutt floors in their homes.
People also prefer the blackbutt engineered floor because of its strength, and it is highly versatile. It can withstand extreme climatic situations. The world knows blackbutt wood due to its higher durability and stability as these floors also resist highly against termites.
Due to their higher density, they are also great fire-resistant floors. People can also have a wide option to choose any colour, design, or shape to install blackbutt flooring in their homes.

3. Spotted Gum Engineered Flooring 

People consider spotted gum engineered flooring a good option because of its amazing colours and shades. The spotted gum engineered floors not only look great, but they also have many advantages.
They are highly stable and hard in strength, and it is also highly versatile to use. It consists of a spotted appearance, just like the Australian spotted gum hardwood.
Spotted gum hardwood is grown in Australia, and people know it for great functionality in both interior and exterior structures.
The spotted gum hardwood is also highly durable and comes in vibrant colour ranges. People who use this spotted gum hardwood can utilise it in a vast range of floor construction such as new homes, offices, cladding, and many more.


Q. What are the benefits of engineered Timber Flooring?

There are various benefits of installing these timber floors in your home. Some of which include higher durability and strength which means the timber floors have a longer lifespan period.
It contains many layers, which makes it highly stable, and people can easily install these engineered timber floors which means you can also save on installation price in contrast to other floors. You can get the amazing functions with an outstanding look by installing these floors.

Q. What factors determine the longevity of engineered wood floors?

The thickness of these wood floors matters a lot in construction. If these wood floors are thick, they can last in the same way.
Similarly, a better-quality wood floor determines the lifetime of the floor. You should also pay attention to the regular maintenance of floors, so it increases their longevity. These factors should also be considered while purchasing the wooden floors.

Q. Can you use engineered oak timber flooring in your kitchen?

The kitchen is the central part of any home, and you should carefully choose the kitchen flooring.
People can use oak timber floors in their kitchens for higher durability and strength. These floors also serve as temperature resistant floors by adding a unique style to the kitchen.


In this article, we’ve completely discussed everything about installing engineered timber flooring in your home. We talked about its basics, its construction, and the uses of timber floors.
Such engineered floors are now in trend, and people prefer these over other flooring options. People now replace the old-fashioned floors with these visually appealing wooden floors.
At Homelable, we’ve touched on all aspects of this wooden floor, including its advantages, the way of installation, and engineered timber flooring prices. Lastly, we also discussed their strength, higher stability, and versatility functions.