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Engineered Timber Flooring

There is an almost majestic feeling over an engineered timber flooring! The top layer of engineered flooring consists of real hardwood, so it features the beauty of natural wood grains.

This is the reason why this particular timber floor will always appear timeless and suitable for any home. It's just a matter of finding the type that best compliments your home!

The top layer of thin solid wood veneer makes the processed wood as durable as traditional hardwood and offers the same classic, everlasting look.

Floors made with engineered wood can look identical to hardwood flooring, as engineered wood planks are topped with a veneer of actual hardwood.

Engineered flooring has the advantage of being more durable, much more water-resistant (but not waterproof), and easier to install and maintain. However, with good care, engineering flooring can last for decades - much longer than laminate flooring, for example - a fact that can offset its costs.