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Freestanding Bathtub Mixers

If you are passionate about designing your bathroom, then a freestanding bathtub mixer can be a bright option for you. You can achieve great freedom in bathroom styling when choosing freestanding bathtub mixers. So it's quite a popular product in luxury modern bathroom renovations to complement freestanding bathtubs like the acrylic bathtubs, solid surface bathtubs or natural stone bathtubs.

Homelable will explain everything about freestanding bathtub mixers from scratch . You will be able to learn the materials and styling options these promising bathtub mixers. So you will have no hassle when choosing such bathtub mixers.

What are Freestanding Bathtub Mixers?

A freestanding bathtub mixer explains its title through its independent design and structure. It doesn't require any wall for support or to be installed on, but you can install it directly on the floor anywhere you want next to a freestanding bathtub, and that is the main highlight of a freestanding bathtub mixer.

So these mixers will bring a sense of luxury offering regarding your bathroom styling. Also, you have a lot of space around your bathtub as it doesn't require support for its attachment. So you get a range of styling options when it comes to such designs.

Why choose Freestanding Bathtub Mixers?

So let's talk about some of the significant advantages of freestanding bathtub mixers in your bathroom.

1. Styling freedom

This is one of the main highlights of freestanding bathtub mixers, which is the main reason for the existence of bathtubs. These mixers don't require wall support to be attached to, but they can be place anywhere on the bathroom floor.

They are commonly attached directly next to a bathtub on the ground without having to rely on the wall attachment strictness like wall mixers. This comes in great help with different locations of the bathrooms. Some corners or walls don't look appealing to fit a mixer, and that's where these freestanding bathtub mixers come handy. So you can elevate the interior design of the bathroom with these mixers.

2. Choose what matters

There is freedom everywhere when we discuss freestanding bathtub mixers, and you can choose from a range of designs. These mixers come in different features: mixers with a tap or even with a handheld shower.

Each freestanding bathtub mixer brings a different functionality in terms of styling and functionality. So there is a mixer for each purpose and that is one of the best things about a freestanding bathtub mixer. Besides, you can have a bathtub mixer with hand shower attached for your liking.

3. Faucet styling

A freestanding bathtub mixer incorporates a bathtub mixer tap on the floor for smooth water functioning. That is the part of your freestanding bathtub structure, but that too can be styled. You can change the types of freestanding bathtub mixers attached to the floor next to your bathtub.

This is one of the best things about these mixers, as it has a significant impact in terms of styling and location.

4. Design options

You can now choose from a range of design options when it comes to a modern bathroom renovation. They bring many styles that combined with most bathroom fixtures like basin mixers and shower sets.

Some bathrooms exhibit a lot of space, and a bathtub with a freestanding bathtub mixer is the way to go and it won't do any justice to the appearance. That is where freestanding bathtubs mixers help as they can be attached anywhere on the bathroom floor next to any bathtubs like the stone bathtubs, elevating the beauty standards of the bathroom.

Homelable have introduced many styling options, including handheld shower, single tap and much more. These designs ensure that there will be a mixer for every bathtub out there.

How does the Freestanding Bathtub Mixer go with other bathroom fixtures?

It is crucial to know the exact design of your bathroom for a few critical reasons. For a luxury outcome, a freestanding bathtub mixer will be a choice along with other modern fixtures like modern shower sets and wall mixers. Bathtubs featuring stone like stone bathtubs, you can choose this to go hand in hand.

In addition, you will have to make sure whether your bathroom can handle the luxury aura of the mixer or not. You wouldn’t have one installed with a basic bathroom design as it does not match at all.

So you will have to look upon these factors and then buy the mixer according to your requirements.


Q. Does it matter where you install the Freestanding Bathtub Mixer?

Its water flow works precisely the same as with most mixers. The water flows permanently along the opening close to the placement of the bathtub to fill it up. So the water flow and location is quite important depending on the usage.

Q. Are Freestanding Bathtub Mixers better?

These bathtub mixers express a sense of unique luxury and elegance when placed inside a bathroom. In addition, you have freestanding bathtub like solid surface bathtubs to compliment its luxurious look. You have freedom to install them anywhere inside your bathroom, which brings styling capability to the next level.

Therefore, freestanding bathtub mixers are better than the regular wall mixers or bath mixers.

Q. Can you move freestanding bathtub mixers after installation?

You can't move them around without acquiring professional assistance as they are attached to the floor. So consumers have to be very careful also not to bump mixers as they can damage. It is not like a traditional wall mixer placed against the wall where you can just move easily. The water pipes are on the floor instead of the walls.

Q. Can you put a freestanding bathtub mixer in a small bathroom?

It is possible to place a freestanding bathtub mixer in a relatively small bathroom. As long as you choose a bathtub to suit as they come in various sizes and shapes. You can purchase a freestanding tub in a small size complementing your bathroom. So yes, it's possible to place a freestanding bathtub mixer with a small bathtub even in a small bathroom.


So that was our complete guide regarding freestanding bathtub mixers. Such mixers bring better styling opportunities for the concerned consumers who want to style their bathrooms more luxuriously.

In addition, you get enhanced styling options regarding different features and finishes. We also explain exceptional benefits such as design, ensuring all the value for your money.