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Hybrid Timber Flooring

Hybrid flooring has become increasingly popular among Australian homeowners in recent years, and people have every reason to like it!

The technology used by hybrid timber flooring makes it possible to print a high-resolution image on a very thin wood membrane that lies directly under the outer protective layer of the hybrid floor, which is an excellent alternative to expensive and hard to maintain flooring.

At Homelable, our portfolio of hybrid timber flooring includes many types of wood such as oak, blackbutt, and spotted gum. Therefore, our hybrid flooring gives the space of its use a remarkable elegance — it combines perfectly with decoration and other elements to bring out the best aspect of any space.

It is also effortless to clean, allowing users to maintain a luxurious appearance without any hassle, and it is made of recyclable materials, being a key to conserving the environment because it can be transformed into other elements instead of being thrown away.

The elegance, usability, and ease of maintenance make it worth every dollar!