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Hybrid Timber Flooring

Hybrid flooring has become increasingly popular among Australian homeowners in recent years, and people have every reason to like it!

The technology used by hybrid timber flooring makes it possible to print a high-resolution image on a very thin wood membrane that lies directly under the outer protective layer of the hybrid floor, which is an excellent alternative to expensive and hard to maintain flooring.

At Homelable, our portfolio of hybrid timber flooring includes many types of wood such as oak, blackbutt, and spotted gum. Therefore, our hybrid flooring gives the space of its use a remarkable elegance — it combines perfectly with decoration and other elements to bring out the best aspect of any space.

People pay great attention to house floors as they can make its interior look unique and beautiful. Flooring can be done in many ways, and it has several different types. People often prefer hybrid timber flooring because it serves a function as well as a decorative purpose.
There are many benefits of this type of flooring for houses and other workplaces. Some benefits include the ability to be 100% waterproof and higher durability for the houses and other commercial areas.
The hybrid floors provide a stylish look to houses, and it is easier to install in comparison with the other types of flooring.

What is Hybrid Timber Flooring?

As the name indicates, hybrid timber flooring combines two different types of wood- durable laminate and waterproof vinyl. This combination of woods makes perfect flooring for any house or other areas especially near the kitchen where can be wet.
The different layers hybrid together for the formation of this flooring. These layers include a protective surface layer, pre-adhered layer, waterproof layer, and a decorative layer for a stylish look.
People mostly prefer hybrid timber flooring, and it is one of the most selling products for residential purposes. Its design is effective and made for quick installation in homes.
As it includes waterproof vinyl planks in its construction, you can easily clean it by using enough water for routine purposes. In addition, people shouldn't use harsh chemicals for cleaning purposes.

Blackbutt Hybrid Flooring and its Advantages

The black colour adds beauty to everything, including the house flooring—such people like blackbutt hybrid flooring due to its colour and several advantages which it provides.
Blackbutt is a timber wood that grows and regenerates in the coastal forests of different parts of the world. It is a stylish, unique, and beautiful choice for the floors of houses because of its visually appealing characteristic and amazing benefits.

1. 100% Waterproof

The coastal blackbutt flooring woods have a hard upper layer that is made of PVC core, so it makes them waterproof, and it can be the best option for the kitchen, bathroom, and other such areas. It can be perfectly used for the areas which have more exposure to water.

2. Resistance to Stains

The blackbutt hybrid flooring consists of many wood layers, making it highly durable compared to other wood.
As a result, it makes it resistant against the different stains and scratches so people prefer them because of this amazing quality, and they can be used for a long time in their homes.

3. Versatility

The blackbutt hybrid flooring has great versatility as it can perform many different functions. Due to its beautiful and unique colour, it gives an aesthetic look to the floors.

In addition, it provides great support to the feet of people as they move on it as it serves both functional and aesthetic decorative purposes.

4. Easy to Maintain

Many people like this flooring as they can easily install it, and it's easier to maintain its cleaning. You can also easily install it on any floor that already exists. They consist of different layers of core boards made from plastic or limestone.
These boards make hybrid flooring blackbutt more stable and you’ll only need a broom or a vacuum cleaner for the mopping of these floors.

Spotted Gum Hybrid Flooring and its Advantages

The spotted gum hybrid flooring proves to be an amazing addition to your floors due to its several benefits and some of that are because of its strength, stability, and aesthetic appearance.
It has different colour ranges depending upon the timbers of trees. The spotted gum hybrid floor matches the different themes and designs of your house because of its colours.

1. Beautiful Appearance

The spotted gum hybrid floor gives the most attractive, unique, and beautiful look to your house. It comes in many different vibrant colours, which adds beauty to the floors. They come in different styles and designs, which grab the attention of people as they enter the house.

2. Easy to Handle

People prefer spotted gum hybrid floors because they can easily handle them. You can easily paint or polish these floors during the renovation of the house.

3. Budget-Friendly

You should choose spotted gum floors if you want to renovate your house on a pocket-friendly budget.

4. Things to Keep in Mind

People surely will not prefer changing wood floors again and again. So, for this purpose, these hybrid floors should be handled with full care and attention. To do so, keep the following things in mind:
- Clean them regularly by using any broom or vacuum cleaner

- Don't use harsh chemicals on the floors

- Never use ammonia, bleach, or other such chemicals

- Use a PH neutral cleaner for your floor

- Try to avoid using a steam mop


Q. What are the benefits of hybrid timber flooring?

The hybrid wood flooring has many benefits as it offers low maintenance. They provide resistance against heat, so they can be a good option for kitchen floors. These floors look great, and people can get them in an affordable price range.

Q. How can people manage cleaning hybrid floors?

People can easily clean these floors by sweeping them with a broom or wet sponge. Don't use the steam mop for these floors. Moreover, try to avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning purposes.

Q. Where can you install hybrid wood flooring?

The hybrid wood flooring provides an aesthetic and stylish look to your rooms so you can install them in indoor spaces for your home. These floors are highly durable and have great stability, so you can also use them for high foot traffic areas.


At Homelable we provided you with a detailed discussion about hybrid timber flooring. We talked about its construction, uses, types, and decorative purposes. People prefer these hybrid floors because they can easily install and maintain them for a longer period.

We did touch all the aspects of hybrid wood flooring with a primary focus on their advantages. Plus, we’ve discussed the advantages of using blackbutt and spotted gum hybrid flooring. These floors come in different colours and designs. Lastly, these floors have high durability and strength to use for different areas.