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Laminate Timber Flooring

When redesigning rooms, a new floor can work wonders! Laminate timber flooring is a good alternative to timber because it can be laid easily and flexibly, is inexpensive and robust.

A modern laminate floor with wood decor is not only cheaper than timber or solid wood planks, but it also offers many other practical advantages. For example, the material and the processing make the floor covering hard-wearing and resilient.

Therefore, laminate flooring is a special wooden floor for which several layers have been pressed together. Thanks to today's printing processes, the most diverse types of wood are available as decor, which ensures a particularly varied room design.

In contrast to real wood floors, the surface consists of melamine resin, and underneath is the printed decorative layer made of paper. The surface makes laminate hard-wearing and resilient.

Particularly noteworthy is the quality of the decors. Homelable has a large selection of stylish wood variants with laminate in oak, blackbutt, or spotted gum.

The wood grain is imitated on the surface of high-quality laminate flooring, so the floor can hardly be distinguished from a real wooden floor.