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Marble Look Tiles

Marble look tiles are a higher quality and cheaper alternative to real marble tiles. This natural stone look is pleasing to the eye for home renovations. Not only does it have that excessively luxurious appeal, but they are durable and low maintenance as well.

These tiles are partially matte and feature an artistic design that will last for years under any circumstances. They go beyond a simple look at the material but also make it user-friendly in all flooring needs, from bathroom and kitchen renovations to hallways or living rooms.

Less expensive than authentic marble with less hassle of maintenance - the difference is that porcelain is resistant to abrasion, stains, burns, scratches and water resistant making it perfect for bathroom renovations.

Homelable prepared you a new twist on an ancient tradition - experience natural beauty in this rendition of marble look tiles. With care for both form and function, our marble look tiles are designed with pops of colour and soft linework, so you'll have everything you need at hand without sacrificing style or high investments.

Smooth, muted hues create the perfect look to bring any room to life and commonly used in luxury laundry renovations to marble-out the whole room. With only a fraction of the upkeep, these marble look tiles offer timeless elegance with endless possibilities!

What are Marble Look Tiles?

Marble look tiles have been in market for a very long time now for many reasons. Basically, they are perceived as a form of natural looking marble that goes through intensive manufacturing process, and the process is binding materials, high-quality porcelain or ceramic and colours to form marble look tiles.

You will find these tiles in many possible colours despite it being found in white colour naturally. For natural marble, many minerals take part in the metamorphosis process and bring out different unique colours. In today’s, marble look tiles are now being introduced in many colour tones due to this to keep up with trending styles and designs.

You can use marble look tiles almost anywhere in your home, ensuring their great versatility.  They come in a range of unique marble pattern colours and designs to meet every consumer's styling demands.

Marble Look Porcelain Tiles

Some porcelain tiles are being produced to look like expensive natural marble. Such processes are done through high processing and innovative techniques. In addition, it is done to lessen the investment as marble tiles can be costly for some people.

Marble look porcelain tiles that look like marble are an excellent choice for all homes on a budget. There are many marble look porcelain tile designs such as carrara, calacatta, and statuario, and all of these names represent different classes and elegance on top of everything.

Benefits of Choosing Marble Look Porcelain Tiles

Let's find out why you should consider buying these marble look tiles.

1. Maintenance

The aspect of maintenance is vital when we talk about natural stones like graphite and marble, but this is something that you don't go through with marble look porcelain tiles as they don't require that level of maintenance.

2. Cost Effective

That's another big reason to go for marble look porcelain tiles as they are inexpensive compared to real marble tiles. Actual stone tiles can cost you way more than these tiles, which is crucial to save money.

Buying and installing these marble look porcelain tiles will be a simple process compared to the actual marble tiles, so you can trust these tiles for your interior sublimity.

3. Extensive Styling

Styling is one of the essential things to consider as we plan on installing tiles either on the floor or walls. Porcelain tiles come with a wide variety of styling options along with unique colours, so you can get the most out of your interior styling.

4. Durability

You can also rely on these tiles as they are durable for the price as the tiles won't suffer scratches as original stone tiles do.

Marble Look Floor Tiles

Let's now talk about tiles that look like the real marble tiles we see in lavish indoors. Many consumers have been using marble look floor tiles for a while now as they offer commendable value for the money. They are not costly and won't empty your pocket, so most people can have the luxury of selecting these tiles.

Also, you will find many materials featured in such tiles that are made to look like marble. Glazing is one of the authentic ways to make any set of flooring look like an original marble floor through detailing and exceptional processing.


Q. How do I make my existing marble look tiles tile look like real marble?

If you are trying to make your current set of tiles on the floor look like authentic marble tiles, then here are some things to follow. Firstly, you will have to clean your entire surface with the use of glaze.

After that, make sure to buckle up a lint-free rag and get it in connection with the surface, and that will help it to bring more like the marble effect once it gets dry.

Q. Which is cheaper, marble look tiles or marble tiles?

Marble is rather expensive than the tiles that we see on the floor. Naturally occurring stones like marble are rather costly than artificially developed tiles that we commonly find in homes. In addition, the natural minerals do take a lot to get in the form of large slabs used in many ways like flooring.

It takes a lot of money to process these minerals and use them the way we want, so marble or any other natural stone is way more expensive than simple tiles.

Q. What is marble look porcelain tiles?

You are looking at another very popular form of marble-like tiles featuring porcelain as a significant constituent. It is mainly done through the process of glazing that gives versatility to the surface. In addition, porcelain is resistant against water in comparison to pure marble tiles.


So that was our complete discussion regarding marble look tiles in proper detail. Such tiles have been in industrial applications for some time now despite their unique and versatile character, and the base materials in these tiles can be different.

You will find different names of tiles according to the type of marble that looks like tiles if you plan. Therefore, you can cherish lavish tiles, characters like marble and affordable nature at the same time.