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Marble Look Tiles

Marble look tiles are a higher quality and cheaper alternative to real marble tiles. This natural stone look is pleasing to the eye for any home project. Not only does it have that excessively luxurious appeal, but they are durable and low-maintenance as well.

These tiles are partially matte and feature an artistic design that will last for years under any circumstances. They go beyond a simple look at the material but also make it user-friendly in all flooring needs, from bathrooms and kitchen countertops to hallways or living rooms.

Less expensive than authentic marble with less hassle of maintenance -  the difference is that porcelain is resistant to abrasion, stains, burns, and scratches!

Homelable prepared you a new twist on an ancient tradition - experience natural beauty in this rendition of marble look tiles. With care for both form and function, our marble look tiles are designed with pops of colour and soft linework, so you'll have everything you need at hand without sacrificing style or high investments.

Smooth, muted hues create the perfect look to bring any room to life. With only a fraction of the upkeep, these marble look tiles offer timeless elegance with endless possibilities!