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Marble Mosaic

Marble mosaics are one of the most luxurious and highly sought-after tiles. Adding them to your kitchen splashback or bathroom walls adds a touch of class and flair that cannot be replicated by ordinary kitchen tile or bathroom flooring. In some cases, marble mosaics has been used in laundry renovations for the splashback in the laundry.

Truly, marble is more than just a kitchen countertop option as it has been used in construction for hundreds of years with staggering beauty and durability. These tiles can be found being installed in the floors of royal palaces or lining the splashback where generations of families have stood and cooked their favourite dishes. 

You can create a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork with these marble mosaic tiles from Homelable. Give your home that fancy, inimitable look for an affordable price!

The natural beauty of marble mosaic and its unique qualities come to life on these tiles through sleek colours and patterns unlike no other. Our colours blend well together for any room and allow you to think outside the box when designing your room’s theme.

We will mention everything about these beautiful modern marble stones bringing stunning designs on the walls. Additionally, we'll also talk about different marble mosaic tiles to enlighten your overall understanding.

What are Marble Mosaic Tiles?

Marble mosaic tiles differ from the normal tiles in pattern and design. The mosaic tiles bring together small tiles forming a sheet. Additionally, mosaic marble tiles come in unique patterns that make them different from normal tiles.

Marble mosaic tiles have always been in preference due to their great durability and alluring designs. Let's go through some different marble mosaic tiles.

Different Types of Marble Mosaic Tiles

We'll be talking about different marble mosaic tiles to ensure your complete knowledge. This will allow you to choose the right type of marble mosaic tiles when it comes to your decision-making step for home renovations.

1. Calacatta Marble Mosaic Tiles

Here comes a very enchanting type from marble stone used as mosaic tiles. Its colour and shade form beautiful natural stone, a shallow body that separates itself from mountains. This marble stone exhibits unique grey veins on a white shade with a slight blend of other colours. Such marble mosaic tiles are in trend for pronouncing interiors with unique colour blends that these tiles serve.

2. Jade Marble Mosaic Tiles

You are looking at a very sophisticatedly styled marble tile that exhibits grace like no other. The word Jade, which refers to a green colour and you might just not see these marble tiles in common.

These tiles exhibit a strong flavour of royal interior value that dates back many years. So basically, you can go with these mosaic tiles if you want to try something out of the ordinary. If we talk about the basic origin, these marble stones are found in China.

3. Carrara Marble Mosaic Tiles

You are looking at a very delicate styled marble stone that most people simply love. For instance, these stones aren't strong when we pit them against other marble stones. So, they make up for a wonderful choice when we talk about the delicate and subtle interior.

In addition, you will notice a fine touch of blue-grey shade in these minimalistic marble tiles. It is not the strongest of all combinations of colours as it adds to its natural appearance overall. You would just love these tiles decorating your interior with a minimalistic touch.

You would easily find this type of marble in some parts of Italy. Besides, these marble mosaic tiles seem softer looking in comparison with any other stone that is sturdy. So, it brings a very peaceful touch of elegance when applied into interiors.

4. White Onyx Marble Mosaic Tiles

White onyx marble mosaic tiles make up for the most expensive tiles to this date. They have a very rich history when we reference about their usage from the past. These marble stones have been used to give magnificence to unique architectures and jewellery.

You will probably have an idea about the lavishness of these marble tiles by now. Such tiles bring the most ethereal touch that you can expect out of a tile. The soothing substance also empowers the peace and serenity of great luxury that revolves around these tiles.

Such pearl-like marble stone is mainly found in Turkey, Italy, and Greece according to the most resources. So, majority will not even think about applying such an elegant luxury on walls for the price statement, but these mosaic tiles remain elite in their domain forever.


Q. Are marble mosaic tiles good for the bathroom walls?

Marble itself makes up for the most durably functional stones for most interiors. Additionally, marble stone features incredible durability and design, empowering interior creativity part for homeowners. You can surely go for marble when it comes to planning bathroom renovations.

Q. How do you clean marble mosaic tiles?

If you have marble mosaic tiles inside your home, then cleaning comes first for most of the parts. Cleaning marble mosaic tiles will only require a cloth dipped in hot water. You are to wipe away the dirt or residue on these tiles using the cloth.

Now you will require another dry towel to remove the moisture from the tiles. You are all set to find your elegant marble mosaic tiles cleaned again.

Q. Are marble mosaic tiles expensive?

Marble mosaic tiles are expensive featuring manufacturing cost that requires a lot of finance. These tiles bring patterns and designs like no other making them difficult to design at the end of the day. If you are buying these tiles, you are paying for functionality that needs admiration.

Q. Are marble mosaic tiles good for kitchen splashbacks?

Marble is a solid choice when it comes to kitchen splashbacks. This stone is very durable and elegant, offering various choices in picking up the right stone for your interior and for kitchen renovations.


That was our discussion regarding marble mosaic tiles in thorough detail. In addition, we did talk about some of the best types of marble mosaic tiles made out of natural marble, bringing you more elegant choices.