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Natural Stone Basins

The natural stones are extracted from the hills and mountains. Every extracted piece is unique and different from others. Therefore, it is hard to find two identical natural stones. If you are thinking of opting for the natural stone basin, you need to first learn about the best natural stones suitable for this purpose.

Natural Stone Basin: An Elegant Choice

There is a huge variety of readymade natural stone basins available in the market. We can cut the natural stones in various sizes and shapes. Also, the natural stone basin is more expensive than the sink made of stainless steel and porcelain.

There is a huge variety of natural stone basins to choose from. Following are the top 6 natural stones best for sink or basins.

- Marble Basin

- Granite Basin

- Sandstone Basin

- Basalt Basin

- Bluestone Basin

- Onyx Basin

    Types of Natural Stone Basins

    There are a huge variety of natural stones which are used for decor purposes these days. Each type has its own characteristics.

    1. Marble Basin

    If you are thinking of opting for the marble basin, you should first learn about its pros and cons. Marble is durable and heat resistant. Marble is a porous, strong, and heat resistant material allowing you to be able to roughly use marble sinks in the bathroom.
    Marble basins are easy to maintain, so you’ll be able to use a mild cleaning soap or a marble cleaner to clean its surface. Sealing must be done two times a year to maintain the beauty and elegance of the marble basin, so the marble can last a lifetime. Marble has been used in home décor for years and is still in trend.

    2. Granite Basin

    Granite is an elegant looking natural stone, and it is hard and durable. If you want to add a sophisticated and luxurious look to your bathroom, granite basins are your best choice yet. Due to granite stones high-end look, it is commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens.

    There are different types of granite stone basins to choose from as you can get it in various colours and patterns. Usually, granite stones are in white and grey colours, but you can also find them in pink, green, and blue colours for your basin.

    3. Sandstone Basin

    Sandstone is a sedimentary rock as you can find them in various colours such as black, grey, brown, red and pink. Sandstone is known for its unique look and texture; it gives your bathroom a natural and historic look. Sandstone is quite rare to find, so; it is expensive than other alternatives.

    Sandstone is porous so it absorbs liquid if sealing and polishing are not done properly. It is important to get it sealed at least twice a year. The sandstone is less heat resistant than marble and granite, so if your sandstone basin is exposed to hot water, you should opt for some heat resistant material such as marble or granite.

    4. Basalt Basin

    Basalt is more expensive than most natural stones as it is a highly durable and moist-resistant volcanic rock. Like granite, basalt does not react with acid, making it the best choice for basins and kitchen benchtops.

    Basalt basin should be cleaned regularly at least two times a day to maintain beauty and elegance. Also, basalt is a porous material so sealing and polishing should be done properly.

    5. Bluestone Basin

    Bluestone is durable, resistant, and a porous natural stone. If you are looking for an elegant and modern basin option, bluestone basin is the best choice to go with. One of the cons of having a bluestone basin is that it gets stains on it if sealing and polishing are not done properly. It usually comes in only a few colours, such as blue, grey, and black.

    The bluestone absorbs the liquid spilt on it, so regular sealing and polishing are mandatory. This will help you keep your bluestone basin last longer. Also, it is less expensive than sandstone.

    6. Onyx Basin

    Onyx basins come in some unique colours and patterns. It gives a modern and unique look to your bathroom and ensuite. It is a rare stone, so it is a little bit more expensive than other natural stones. Also, it is lightweight and translucent.

    To maintain the onyx basin, it should be cleaned properly. In addition to that, the sealing of the basin should be done each year. Onyx is a natural stone, so it is likely to last for a lifetime if maintained properly.


    Q. Are natural stone basins hard to maintain?

    It is not hard to maintain a natural stone basin. You just need to clean it every day with mild soap or cleaner and make sure not to use harsh chemicals. If the material is porous, you need to get it sealed regularly.

    Q. Is natural stone porous?

    Yes, the natural stones are porous, so polishing and sealing can be done on it. Regular sealing and polishing will maintain the porous surface for a longer time.

    Q. Do stone basins stain?

    Yes, the natural stone basin can get stained. The constant contact of water with the sink's surface will deposit iron on it. In this way, the natural stone sink may get stained unless you keep the maintenance on them regularly.

    Q. Are natural stone basins expensive?

    Natural stone basins are much more expensive than other types of basins. Even the most simple and basic natural stone basin can cost you excess of $1000.


    Here at Homelable, we’ve discussed the features of natural stone basins to have a fair idea about having a natural stone basin. There are various options for natural stone basins available in the market, and it can be challenging to choose the best among them. Therefore, we have listed the top 6 best choices for the natural stone basin.

    The natural stone basin can be carved in various shapes and sizes. You can get yours according to your choice. Also, the natural stone basin is expensive as compared to other options. The least expensive options for natural stone basins are marble and granite basins.