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Shower Niches

If you want a unique storage space inside your shower, then shower niches can be of great help. These shower niches provide a great capacity for the shower essentials, and they come in a range of sizes and styling options.

It's like a shelf that blends inside your shower section in the bathroom. Homelable will discuss all about our wide range of shower niches along with different styles you can consider for your bathroom, so you can get a great understanding of this bathroom essential.

Let's not waste more time and begin our discussion by looking over some of the major shower niches available in the consumer's space!

Shower Niches that you can consider installing today

Below are some of the important shower niches to enhance your shower appearance and practicality overall.

1. Seamless Shower Niches

If you are a fan of seamless finishes when we talk about showers and bathroom themes, you can consider having this style. You can have the same type of tiles with respect to your bathroom's original tiles installed.

That is going to provide a seamless and flawless finish that we all admire. You can also select the type of section according to your bathroom size and theme for a better seamless finish.

2. Shower Niches with Lighting

That might be one of the attractive forms of shower niches that you can consider today. Adding lighting to your shower can enhance the experience while promoting an appealing look. In addition, that makes a top spot inside your shower niche.

It's very simple to attach a strip of LED lighting on the shelf, which provides a glowing sensation. That also makes an attractive spa bathroom experience.

3. Shower Niche with Shelves Design

Shelves always make organising accessories better and secure, and that is the same with these shower niches.

You can have horizontal and vertical niches to install the shelves, and it is more appealing to apply glass shelves as they are just better.

Besides, the selection of the material is the focal point for the shower niches featuring shelves. You can add contrasting materials or the same materials to make a flawless touch.

4. Horizontal and Vertical Shower Niches

These are two very common shower niches that are relatively different. A horizontal bathroom niche is longer with minimum height, unlike a vertical niche. So that also highly depends upon the size of your washroom.

On the flip side, a vertical bathroom niche is more likely to be longer with less width as in small bathroom spaces. You often look for a less messy and vertical niche and use that space cleverly, keeping all your accessories in check.

Go for the horizontal if you have a generous bathroom space while select vertical with small space bathroom styles.

5. Contrast Shower Niche Design

That niche design is almost opposite to the flawless design niches that we find in the bathroom showers. This type of styling option mostly adds an attractive element to the bathroom showers' overall look and feel.

Try to go for the opposite materials with respect to the materials of your shower walls. If your shower walls have a strong and dark colour theme, go for the light tone styling option and vice versa.

Bathroom Niches

It offers the exact same functionality as the shower niches. You can understand the difference by the context of both these niches inside your contemporary bathrooms.
Bathroom niches are in practice, and they are used for the entire bathroom's accessories, unlike shower niches.

Shower niches are technically limited to just the shower section but not the entire bathroom. In addition, you can choose to position these niches anywhere inside your bathroom as location preferences varies from person to person.

Moreover, these niches also bring different materials and styling options, so you shape them the way you want. You are always in charge of position and use these niches according to your desired requirements.

Lastly, these niches will end the mess of hanging accessories that ruin your bathrooms' style statement overall.


Q. Are shower niches worth it?

It is completely worth installing a bathroom niche as it has storage capacity for all the related accessories. Also, it can be costly, but it does a very important job of organising your important accessories, reducing mess.

These shower niches also provide a seamless and attractive appearance to your bathroom. Besides, these niches improve the accessory managing capacity along with strikingly attractive designs.

Q. How many niches should a bathroom have?

You are controlled to add as many niches as you want as there are no compulsions. Mostly, it is perfect to have one niche when it comes to baths, and there can be two or more niches as we talk about showering. It all depends upon you as you choose it for your requirements.

Q. How do I choose a shower niche?

It is very important to position your shower niche for the best functionality. If you position it to an awkward height, you might not get the perfect outcome in terms of convenience. Try to attach it to an appropriate height where your hands can easily reach it.

Moreover, you can have a custom look for the niche that will be installed in your shower section. You can add additional lighting and flawless design to your requirements.

Q. Are shower niches waterproof?

There are a variety of materials available in the marketplace, and you must choose the right one for longevity. Most of the niches that are well-built and have high-quality backing are waterproof. You can also choose it for your niche to have powerful functionality on top of everything.


So that was our discussion regarding the shower niches in thorough detail so you could have better comprehension. The proper comprehension of the subject allows you to install the right niches in your shower section.

Also, these niches are carrying a trend supporting magnificence and elegance inside every bathroom's interior. You can organise your shower and bathroom accessories with a sense of elegance at the same time.