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Shower Screens

Do you want to enjoy your shower in a way that looks more fashionable? You should then consider Homelable’s wide range of shower screens for your bathroom.
They are easy to clean and are trendy in today’s market. People these days prefer shower screens because they are an amazing alternative to shower curtains.
Moreover, these screens are attached to the wall along with having a hinge mechanism. Their thickness varies, the thicker screens look appealing.
Plus, they are heavier in weight, and their size depends on the size of your shower in the bathroom. You can get them from us in different sizes, styles, and shapes.

Types of Shower Screens

There are different types of glass shower screens available in the market. You can give your bathroom a completely new and stylish look by getting a stylish shower screen.
By making the wrong choice about these screens, you will ruin the look of your bathroom.
Let's discuss some main types of shower screens in different styles. It will make it easier for you to choose among them.
You can select any of them by keeping in mind the theme of your bathroom. There are also many factors which you should see in these following types.

1. Frameless Shower Screens

As the name indicated, frameless shower screens are made of glass that lacks a frame in them. This type of shower screen fits in any kind of design you want and offers a luxury and appealing minimalist look.
 As it lacks a frame, the light can move through its edges. So choose this screen if you want to give your bathroom a brighter and open looking space. It also gives an aesthetic look to your bathroom.
You should consider it if you want a simple and modern design in terms of the architecture of your bathroom. They use thickened glass for strength and stability and are easier to clean.
In addition, these screens are the best options for a small-sized bathrooms. But these screens are a bit more expensive than the other ones. It is more difficult to install these screens, so you might need the help from professionals.

2. Semi Frameless Shower Screens

Are you looking for a simple but durable shower screen? Semi frameless shower screens are the best option to choose.  They come in between the framed and frameless screens.
We can say that these screens have the same strength as the framed ones. If we talk about the design and style, these screens resemble the frameless ones.
They look simple and sophisticated in their style and are an amazing choice for bathrooms. People prefer them because they have a strong outer edge, and the remaining part gives a simple look.
Also, these semi frameless shower screens come in different colours, so it becomes easy for you to choose from.

3. Framed Shower Screens

These framed shower screens are fully made of an aluminium frames which provides them great strength. People often prefer these screens because they are easier to install.
You can consider buying this bathroom shower screen because of its economical price and great performance.
They are also a great option for the family using bathrooms, and they come in different styles and sizes.
Some common types of these framed shower screens are framed sliding shower screens, hinged framed screens, or pivot framed screens. If we talk about the appearance, the metal frame is used in it, and the metal frame doesn't look very appealing to the eyes of people.

4. Sliding Shower Screens

If your bathroom has limited space, then these sliding shower screens are a great option to choose. We can call this shower screen door a space saver. They are made of at least 6mm of toughened glass and are reversible.
You can find these sliding shower screens highly durable. In appearance, these screens look trending, simple, and elegant in style. They are made of a sliding door and a fixed panel.
It is not easy to install these sliding ones, but once you install them, they look unique. From the market, you can get these sliding screens in different sizes and styles.

Pros of Installing a Shower Screen 

The shower screen panel maintains the cleanliness and hygiene of the bathroom. By preventing the water from going outside the shower or bathtub area, it also prevents water damage.
Your bathroom will look stylish, brighter, and larger by installing it. Carefully choose the right type of shower screen to enjoy your shower.
It gives an aesthetic look to your bathroom, and you can select it in any size, shape, and style. By replacing heavy curtains with a shower screen, it increases space in your bathroom.

Cons of Installing a Shower Screen

It will ruin the appearance of your bathroom if not chosen rightly. Any wrong choice will make you regret it. So, try to make a wise decision by doing proper research.


Q. Why do people need shower screens in their bathrooms?

People need shower screens for their shower because it is a barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. It also prevents the water drops from splashing outside the shower area.

Q. How are the shower screens made?

They are made from glass panels which can be laminated or tempered glass. Shower screens vary in thickness which depends on the thickness of glass used. They are a great replacement for shower curtains.

Q. Which one is better, a shower screen? or a shower curtain?

A shower screen is better in terms of preventing water leakage or splashing from the shower area. It also gives a new and updated look to your bathroom. 


As discussed in detail the uses of shower screens in bathroom renovations, we talked about the increasing use of these shower screens in bathrooms and their different types. Such screens are a better option than the heavy curtains used in bathrooms.
In this discussion, we did touch all aspects of the glass shower screens, with their advantages and disadvantages. We also talked about their prices and their installation, here at Homelable we’re able to help you choose your next shower screen.