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Shower Sets

We have shower sets that play the part of the perfect shower experience. After all, shower sets are essential - whether you have a corner shower, a spacious walk-in shower, or a bathtub with a folding wall.

Regarding its components, a shower set usually consists of a  shower head, a shower hose, and a suitable wall bracket or wall bar. Our shower sets have been carefully selected so that each individual component visually matches and harmonises well with one another.

Most of our shower sets are equipped with integrated water-saving technology. This enables you to reduce water and energy consumption when showering without having to accept restrictions in terms of design or performance. 

Homelable shower sets have a unique mechanism that distributes the same amount of water to each individual nozzle, creating a pleasant, even jet. Regardless of the spray pattern you are looking for(standard, massage, champagne spray, or rain) each shower set guarantees you an all-round relaxing shower experience.

Moreover, you get a selection of different designs  - from round to square to completely matte-black cover!