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Shower Sets

We have shower sets that play the part of the perfect shower experience. After all, shower sets are essential - whether you have a corner shower, a spacious walk-in shower, or a bathtub with a folding wall.

Regarding its components, a shower set usually consists of a  shower head, a shower hose, and a suitable wall bracket or wall bar. Our shower sets have been carefully selected so that each individual component visually matches and harmonises well with one another.

Most of our shower sets are equipped with integrated water-saving technology. This enables you to reduce water and energy consumption when showering without having to accept restrictions in terms of design or performance. 

Homelable shower sets have a unique mechanism that distributes the same amount of water to each individual nozzle, creating a pleasant, even jet. Regardless of the spray pattern you are looking for(standard, massage, champagne spray, or rain) each shower set guarantees you an all-round relaxing shower experience.

Moreover, you get a selection of different designs  - from round to square to completely matte-black cover.

It is nearly impossible to imagine a modern bathroom without a shower set. Shower sets are believed to be essential for a modern designed bathroom.

They are indeed a popular feature for bathroom renovations, particularly designed for automatically sprinkling water on us with a modern handrail shower. Are you wondering about their way of water flow options? Well, rain and other natural waterfalls.

Shower sets have made showering easier and convenient as we can switch from hot to cold or mild water as per need. They are available in different styles, sizes, and designs.

At Homelable, we’ll dive deeper into exploring more about our range of shower sets.

Different Types of Shower Sets

Shower sets have evolved in design, style, and innovation over the years. There are several options of shower sets to choose from, such as mixer showers, shower headsets, and rail shower sets all coming with a handrail shower.

The most popular among these are shower headsets and shower rail sets, widely preferred by many consumers.

Shower Head Sets

For this type of shower set, a shower head is attached to a water pipe. Plus, water is restricted and comes out only when you turn on the shower.

The combination of showerhead plus the choice of a mixer or tap handles is a three-piece set. The mixer or tap handles controls the flow of water, and the showerhead allows the water flow through it.

Different Types of Shower Heads

In today’s market, there are numerous types of shower heads and below are a few.

1. Standard Shower Head

This is the most common type of shower head so far.  The neck of the shower head is not moveable; it is fixed. But the showerhead can rotate right-left and up-down. It is cheap and easy to install.

2. Handheld Shower Head

As its name implies, it is easy to use by holding in your hands to shower wherever you need to. A handheld shower head is attached to a waterline and a hose. You can take it off its mount and can move it around easily to shower difficult-to-reach spaces.

3. Dual Shower Heads

A dual shower head has both a fixed head and a handheld head and together it’s called a shower set. It is superb for showering, where you can enjoy the versatility of a fixed shower and a moveable handheld shower. Its dual functioning can give more shower coverage to ensure good hygiene.

4. Shower Rail Sets

Shower rail sets are the most common shower feature in the bathroom. Alongside, they consist of a handheld shower head, shower hose, and a rail.

You can easily adjust the height of the rails by moving the sliding bar up or down. These shower rail sets are ideal for families, especially where people of different heights use the same shower.

Factors to Consider while Buying a Shower Set

A pleasant and soothing shower, hot or cold, is highly responsible for your mental and physical well-being. To make the right choice for your shower set, you need to keep some things in mind.

1. Shower Size

In today’s market there are hundreds of options available. Choosing the ideal shower set can be a difficult task. Before installing a bathtub, shower enclosure, and shower tray, be cautious with all measurements, including the size and shape of your bathroom.

2. Pressure

Water pressure is an essential aspect while deciding the type of shower you will buy. If you have a low-pressure water system, you will not enjoy the full fulfilment of a shower set.

3. Choosing Between a Mixer or Tap Handles

You need to choose between a mixer and tap handles. The mixer is composed of a single handle that controls both the volume of water and water temperature.

On the contrary, tap handles has two to control hot and cold water, and you’ll need to adjust the temperature with 2 tap handles which may be inconvenient.

Benefits of Using Shower Sets

Since the advent of shower sets, bathing is made convenient and more refreshing.

1. Timesaving and More Relaxing

Now, no more hassle of using just a single showerhead where you can enjoy a shower handle as well. The conveniency of having dual shower heads to rinse off your body is such a relaxing feel.

2. Adjustable Shower with Options

Do you know that the temperature of the water is crucial if you want to reap the benefits of a good shower? Cold showers turn out to be refreshing and soothing, while a hot shower helps you detoxify and relax.

You can set the water temperature to warm, cold, or mild, as you desire while enjoying the benefits of a shower head and hand rail shower option.

3. Good Shower Coverage and Water Pressure

For a blissful shower experience, shower sets are ideal as they keep the waterfall consistent and evenly distributed. You can also adjust the water pressure as high and low due to the latest technology.


Q. What is a shower set?

A shower set is a vital bathroom appliance for hygiene. It is composed of a shower arm, tap handles or mixer, shower head, and shower head handles. It helps in a good shower as it pours water in the form of rainfall or using the handle held shower.

Q. How to get more pressure from the shower head?

First, you need to clean your showerhead if the pressure is getting low. If the issue is still not resolved, then replace the showerhead.

Q. What is the thing that turns on the shower called?

The mixer or tap handles turns on the shower. It is done by pulling the mixer or by turning the handles. Diverter reroutes the water from your shower head handle to your showerhead.


In a nutshell, the ideal shower makes you feel blissful and relaxed. You get a fresher and clear mind. Therefore, to experience spa-like pampering, you need to install a shower set in your bathroom.

Today, we have a variety of trendy modern aesthetics and technology in shower sets. So, you must consider upgrading your daily shower and your overall bathroom design. A good shower not only gives you the best hygiene but also improves the way you feel.