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Stacked Stones

There has been a lot of interest regarding stacked stones in recent days. The concept of stone stacking is many hundred years old and has transitioned to todays market trend. Here at Homelable, we will go through with you about what stacked stones are and the benefits of them as a feature wall.

Stacked Stones have been a big part of home designs and buildings these current days, and new modern standards have carved this idea into today's design options. We will explain to you everything about stacked stones on your walls to bring out the beauty and elegance.

So if you are new to stacked stone tiles, stick around till the end for proper understanding.

What are Stacked Stone Tiles?

The stone walls have been there for thousands of years. These stone walls were used for better defence and fortification and practiced for many years until they became a symbol of past spirit. We no longer see those old standard stone-built walls.

The construction standards changed over time and new industrial materials came into existence. Stacked stone tiles is a symbol of luxury and aesthetics in today's modern world of home designs. The quartzite stacked stone has been a popular market trend because of its natural stacked stone tile compositions.

Stacked Stones feature the latest technology, and they use natural stones in construction and quality processing. So you are getting a different structure of an actual stone found in nature, which is made possible with the abrupt progression in construction techniques.

So that is how the idea of stacked stone walls originated. It dates back to ancient history, but it has carried it to this very modern day.

How Stacked Stones style your property

This question might be shaking in everyone's mind, but it's strictly related to the evolution and advancements in techniques. You can understand this very important discussion by looking deep into the history of stacked stone walls.

We no longer use stone walls for such reasons but for the appeal. Stone stacking shapes your property into something very unique, unlike conventional homes. You will always find something new in designing and implementing stacked stones in today's times.

Significant progress has been made in terms of bringing new and reliable styling options into your home. You can change from ever-changing design options, and you can try to complement them with the house's interior.

You can choose from a tangy to a sophisticated range of colours suited to your style and idea. So these stacked stone tiles bring great styling statements for each property.

Choosing the Stacked Stones

Selecting the suitable stacked stone tiles for your outdoor and interior is crucial as it defines your property. Fortunately, you are not stuck with a few blocky looking stone tiles, but a lot is going on in terms of styling and designing.

You can either choose from polished finish to dry and natural looking stacked stone wall interior covering. Different themes complement the areas of your home, like there will be different styling options when it comes to each portion, just like a stacked stone fireplaces.

Also, you might find a dark colour option complementing your fireplace like black stacked stone tiles, unlike with the kitchen you’ll look into white stacked stone tiles. So if you love styling your home, then stone walls should be in your top considerations.

Maintaining Stacked Stone Tiles

These elegant and luxurious natural stacked stone walls do demand proper maintenance which and you should have this point in your mind all the time. We are dealing with natural stones; they need a good look, as they might catch some quick stain marks.

In addition, they are also prone to chipping, so the proper care routine is demanded for these elegant-looking walls. You are supposed to use stone cleaners instead of using normal cleaning products for long lasting stacked stone wall tiles.

Realising budget

This is the most important thing to realise as these stone stacked walls are highly expensive. Most history enthusiasts or affluent part of society will prefer these natural stack stone walls as they come at quite a cost.

In addition, you might also need a designer to style your interior and outdoors to go with the stacked stones. So you must keep this point in your mind when considering wall coverings for purchasing.


Q. Are stacked stone tiles popular?

Stacked stone tiles are becoming very popular in today’s modern day home construction. It is bringing more elegance and luxury to a feature wall inside or outside of the home. A wall stacked with stones and is usually glued with mortar known as sand and cement or very strong glue adhesive depending on application. These walls bring natural appearance combined with functionality. Unlike other options, we find in most homes, and today's walls bring a personality to the place.

Q. If not Stacked Stones, are there any other options?

There are a couple of other options to update the setting of your home's interior with stone like walls or with stone wall cladding. You can try stone look tiles or marble look tiles as an option and update interior design of the room or kitchen to go with it too, and different things can directly complement the appearance of the stone appearance.

In addition, you can always try a new colour options that can contrast with the wall shade. That can improve the interior feel from dullness to sparkling excitement.

Q. How much does stacked stones cost?

These stacked stone wall tiles are generally costly if we compare them with other different popular wall claddings. You can easily get an idea about the cost of these walls by the square metre. Most stacked stones will cost between $50 - 150 while expensive ones will cost from $100 – 200 per square metre.

This is quite expensive than most other wall cladding systems, and they require much maintenance over time.

Q. Which stone is best for a wall?

Stone stacked walls bring a variety of natural stones serving aesthetics differently. These stones include granite, limestone, and quartzite, for example. Each stone brings its exceptional efficacy in terms of both styling and durability.


So our topic about stacked stones ends on its brief discussion and wall applications in interior and exterior coverings. We did define the history and evolution of stone walls to this very day. Stone stacked walls symbolise the history and its rich value in an advanced and luxurious face.

In addition, you will get to learn more about the introduction and basic concept of these stone stacked walls. You will also learn how these wall coverings shape the styling and beauty of your property. So you can have a better understanding at the time of purchase.