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Stone Bathtubs

All stone bathtubs give you a sense of history merged into the luxury of modern times. You can install your favourite stone bathtub into your bathroom and experience an unparalleled luxury of natural stone. Stone bathtubs are considered mostly for high-end luxury homes and bathroom renovations, and they are in use in an affluent society.

They also refer back to the roman culture as bathing in stone bathtubs was a fashion at that time. Therefore, these bathtubs will provide your superior blend of history and luxury altogether. So let's get straight into what Homelable has to offer.

What is a Stone Bathtub?

You can get a clear idea right from its name. Manufacturers precisely carve the bathtubs from the stone blocks, and these stones require a lot of effort to be cut into a functional bathtub. So a bathtub carved from any natural stone block is a stone bathtub.

It's not just a limit for material selection, as many stones feature in luxury stone bathtubs. Some of the popular stones used in making these tubs are sandstone, onyx, granite and marble.

Additionally, these bathtubs don't just serve for bathing purposes, but there is another thing to remember here. Most buyers have kept these featured in their bathroom as a sign of luxury and elegance altogether.

Moreover, they are costly, so it's not easy to buy a stone bathtub for a regular customer. Stone bathtubs are heavy, and they are relatively easy to maintain, considering their structural elements.

Types of Stone Bathtubs

All these kinds of bathtubs come under the category of stone bathtubs, and they must be understood for proper understanding when you decide to have one installed in your bathroom.

Many manufacturers have put forward different processing materials giving us with more options. There isn't just one kind of stone bathtub when referring to this exact term.

There are two kinds of stone bathtubs;

1. Artificial Stone Bathtubs

Here comes another form of stone bathtub that we have seen in the home and building space, artificial stone bathtubs also known as solid surface bathtubs. You will see actual stones being used in its construction. The raw materials such as minerals and stone blocks are infused with acrylic materials, and therefore, they make a bathtub of stone found naturally.

Homeowners appreciate the idea of having artificial stone bathtubs because of their many incredible advantages. Most artificial stone bathtubs feature acrylic along with stone powder processed together, forming a solid, durable and formidable solution. It does have all the properties of a natural stone bathtub but cheaper.

2. Natural Stone Bathtubs

You are looking at natural stone bathtubs made by carving the actual stone block without adding other additional minerals or composites, unlike solid surface bathtubs. In addition, these superior stone bathtubs bring better insulation within the structure, courtesy of dense walls.

These dense walls are a part of the basic structural element of these stone bathtubs. They are carved to the desired shape, making them an incredibly captivating luxury object to look at inside your bathroom.

Besides, heat retention gives them a clear edge over the other stone bathtubs in the list. They are incredibly stable and durable at the same time. So you will be able to soak warm water for longer inside these cosy bathtubs.

Why should you buy a Stone Bathtub?

There are countless reasons to buy a premium stone bathtub, but we'll mention some major ones here. Stone bathtubs are really easy to maintain and keep for long-term usability and wipe away with a cloth, and you are all set.

Durability is one of the main stress points of these bathtubs. They offer dense security and resistivity against external impacts forming an unbreakable piece of craft. In addition, they provide a stable and the most comfortable bathing experience with a smooth stone foundation.

A stone bathtub's walls offer good insulation, which is the main feature of every bathtub, and the walls retain heat for long periods bringing the best bathing experience possible. Such bathtubs are inspired by history and made today, making an incredible fusion of technology and its basis.


Q. Are freestanding stone bathtubs any good?

Bathtubs from other categories like the acrylic bathtubs can't compete with the class and luxury of a stone bathtub. They offer incredible elegance and uniqueness in terms of styling and options. They are highly durable at the same with thickened walls forming better heat retention.

Q. Are bathtubs made of marble?

Yes, there is a wide range of bathtubs featuring marble as a primary composite. They make one of the elegant forms of the bathtubs in the entire bathtub space. Besides, they are generally costly than most bathtubs if we try comparing them to other stone bathtubs.

Q. Do bathtubs add value?

A bathtub is like a significant accessory to your bathroom as they complete a bathrooms demand. Some buyers are always keen about completing their bathroom's setup and don't really think about that part. But having a bathtub along with other sanitary adds value for sure like the freestanding bathtub mixers.

Q. What is a crystal bath?

A crystal bath usually focuses on your body's rejuvenation process by providing proper body rest. In addition, most bathtubs feature crystal enhancing your body's response to positivity and lifts mood overall.


So that was our complete discussion about the freestanding stone bathtubs and other bathtubs related to that bathroom space. A natural stone bathtub commonly known as stone bathtub is another name of art and sublime craft as they originate from the ancient roman civilisation until today.

There are important things to expect when buying a stone bathtub for completing your bathroom. They offer superb durability and resistivity over time. In addition, these bathtubs form heat retention functionality for a premium bathing experience.

Lastly, the design and comfort are going to be the key selling point of these bathtubs. They look and feel unreal, and they are costly to purchase.