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Stone Look Tiles

Stone look tiles create the feeling of natural stone, but are easier to install than real stone tiles and with minimal chance of breaking in the process! These tiles are made with high-quality porcelain that's highly durable and provide a timeless choice for kitchens, bathrooms, shower walls - you name it.

Experience your new space like it was always meant to be: unique, inspiring, and elegant!

Our tiles embody durability and modernity while maintaining their authenticity through the classic, earthy aesthetic of natural stone. With virtually limitless colour options when mixing mosaics together, this long-lasting material foot-traffic-proof will ensure that your home keeps its personality from curb appeal all the way to the entryway.

Homelable wants to help you build your home with a natural feel that never disappoints, whether you want to disguise an unsightly stove or even your shower walls.

Our stone look tiles is an easy choice in these times of thinning budgets and desire for living a green lifestyle, such as building your own fireplace from authentic stone that needs no gas, water, or electricity!