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Stone Wall Cladding

Stone wall cladding is a modern evolution of building design and is mainly used for decorative reasons. It can enhance and lift the value of your existing property, like a home or office building. Stone wall claddings can be costly, but they are worth it.

Additionally, you will find different composites featuring the material of the wall cladding you choose. They bring a lot of designs and composites, bringing the purchase versatility up in all possible ways.

Homelable will give a complete description of this stone wall cladding interior. So, you will have a better idea whenever you make up your mind to select this type of wall cladding type for your home or project.

What is Stone Wall Cladding?

Stone wall cladding are natural stone that has been moulded together for internal and external wall applications which feature common construction materials like quartzite. They are mainly used for decorative reasons and feature different composite materials.

Stone wall cladding is not necessarily cheap; therefore, they target affluent people who have a desire for something more natural and elegant like stone. They do come with flexible installation options so everyone can have them easily on their walls. If stone wasn’t the first choice for wall cladding. There are other options that comes with a lighter price tag compared to stone wall cladding.

The diversity of shapes and designs make these a stellar option for the people who want graceful wall covering functionality. They bring about a layer of beauty and style to your walls.

Reasons to Choose Stone Wall Cladding

Now we will be talking about some of the impressive benefits you get when selecting stone cladding.

1. Durable than any other wall coverings

This is one of the demanding factors of stone wall cladding. Durability and resilience come in the nature of the stone. Therefore, this wall cladding is highly resistant against all sorts of damages and impacts from outside.

That gives it another edge ensuring longevity than most wall coverings available in the market right now. In addition, this wall covering is an excellent choice for people living in extreme weather conditions. Stone based wall cladding is resistive to fire and other weather conditions.

You are not required to have high maintenance on stone wall cladding as they don’t require much attention. They continue to improve quality, ensuring all the value for your money.

2. Highly versatile

You can safely call this wall cladding one of the most versatile options out in today’s market for wall cladding systems. They come in limitless designs ranging from small stone blocks to big chunks for different design options.

Stone wall cladding can lift the value of your property, unlike other wall coverings, and it has that impact of elegance and demand, so the property value can go up if you have these walls installed inside or outside of your home or project.

In addition, these wall claddings bring incredible value for the money as they bring styling options for almost everything.

3. Easy installation

Stone wall cladding brings one of the easiest ways to cover up the walls. Big stones are cut down to smaller stones which are highly precise from the edges making installation hassle-free. The carving process is highly improved, giving you better installing potential.

There is a range of stone sizes that you can choose depending upon your personal taste and liking. Some prefer to go with large stones as they are the easiest to install and maintain over time compared to the smaller stones.

Each size option has its strong point to support the purchase, but it really depends on the customer. Hence, stone wall covering is highly convenient due to the advancements in techniques and higher precision on top of all.

4. Waterproof as you choose

That’s another benefit you get as you choose stone wall cladding. There are different types of stones that are more suitable for indoors and some for the outdoors. Stone wall cladding is water-repellent which makes it a suitable for exterior applications.

So, homeowners can choose this wall cladding for the outside, and they will never have to worry about rain or anything at all.

5. Flawless

Elegance is something that you purchase along with stone wall cladding, and they offer seamless designs ranging from interior magnificence and outdoor roughness. This wall cladding option has everything you can expect to install inside your home or project as well.

Additionally, there is a wide range of designs that will elevate the living standards of your property while providing elegance. You can freely choose any size, design and colour depending upon the theme of your home or project.

This is something that makes these wall coverings a choice of brilliance in terms of elegance and creativity.


Q. How much does stone wall cladding cost?

There are many types of stone wall cladding with composites to cover up your walls. So, the prices vary at the same time, but the average estimation of stone wall cladding is around $100 to $200 per square metre in today’s market, and it comes under a luxury wall cladding line-up.

If you like stone and would like a cheaper alternative for internal wall application use, there are options like stone look tiles or marble look tiles.

Q. Which stone is good for wall cladding?

There are many natural stone wall cladding exterior choices for your walls. Most bathrooms we’ve seen have been selecting the elegance of marble mosaics for internal bathroom feature walls, and most people prefer stacked stones as well for internal use.

Q. Is stone wall cladding suitable?

There are a bunch of impressive benefits that you get with stone cladding for your walls. They are highly aesthetically pleasing and provide brilliant support against outside impacts. So that labels them highly durable and elegant on top of everything.

In addition, you get this wall cladding in different shapes and sizes, exalting flexibility. There are a range of design option that increases the value of your property from all possible dimensions.


So that was our complete explanation regarding stone wall cladding that is in high demand these days. This wall covering functionality brings a lot of good things, especially the natural stone for wall cladding. In addition, you are getting many sizing and designs options along.

They bring ease of installation and good designs on tables, ensuring better purchase value than most wall coverings. So, that covers most things about wall cladding and its advantages. So, you can get the best value out of your wall covering.