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Terrazzo Look Tiles

Terrazzo look tiles have a sleek and rich palette that is replicated in an even more affordable way. All the character of terrazzo without overpriced installation and processing costs!

With terrazzo look tiles, you'll never need to hire a designer or special contractor again. The pattern comes alive with the addition of colour and light, making any space beautiful and unique. These tiles are also seamless, meaning they will fit perfectly into your design plan.

Forget about dirty messes, these tiles are easy to clean because they won't soak up liquids as quickly as other materials such as stone or wood.

They're perfect if you want to upgrade your bathroom, kitchen, or floor without the hefty price tag. We know it can be tough coming up with creative ways to cut costs, which is why we came up with this beautiful and modern twist on the classic design.

The best part is that these tiles appear like genuine terrazzo ceramic flooring but can be installed in just an hour and don't require any special tools!

Everything to Know About Terrazzo Look Tiles

Terrazzo look tiles are currently in trend around the world for their aesthetic appearance as they are available in various colours and materials. You can diversely decorate your wall, floor, bathroom, and kitchen splashback. In today’s market, it is the most coming trend due to its tenability and sustainability. 
Terrazzo is comprised of marble or glass chippings mixed in composites to make a product of sparkling marble and glass. As for Terrazzo look tiles, the technology behind imitating the look of terrazzo has been a challenge but not impossible.
If you want to give your house a pleasant look, these tiles are a good option as they don’t break the bank as real terrazzo tiles do. It is considered a cheaper alternative flooring option compared to real terrazzo tiles.

Terrazzo Look Wall Tiles

These tiles are not just for flooring as they’re a popular choice for your walls as well. Do you want an artistic and beautiful commercial office? As these tiles are the best fit.

Almost all the houses have common wallpapers that are not exciting to view.  You surely want customers to come to your place and feel mesmerised by this amazing looking terrazzo look tiles as their innovative design makes it all possible.

Terrazzo Look Tiles for Outdoor

These tiles are perfect for your garden and landscaping needs, due to its heavy-duty manufacturing technology of quality porcelain.  Other types of flooring might get hard when it comes to cleaning.

These tiles are repellent to stains, so you don’t have to worry about stains and splashes. You can have a comfortable spot for outdoor activities like playing, sitting, and dining.

Is Terrazzo Look Tiles Good for Bathrooms?

You can easily match various terrazzo look tiles according to your bathroom features, and they maintain good hygiene too. These tiles are a good option for your bathroom if they are not slippery.

Due to modern day technologies, the materials used, and surface finished comes in a non-slippery nature. This means you won’t need to make sure if it’s slip resistant.

Types of Colours for Terrazzo Look Tiles

When it comes to discussing the many colour types of terrazzo look tiles, you have plenty of different options to make your place look beautiful. They come in different colours and It’s all up to you to decide which one makes your space look presentable. Some colour options are;

1. Grey Terrazzo Look Tiles

The grey terrazzo look tile is good for areas aiming for a natural contemporary stone look. These tiles provide amazing style and can really bring out the nature of your space. It’s important to match these tiles with other neutral colours when it comes to designing your space.

2. White Terrazzo Look Tiles

These tiles have limitless design option uses and are most currently in use. They are easy to match with other colours and provide good flexibility when it comes to designing your space. This type of colour is good for the commercial and industrial space as seen in many shopping centres and offices.

3. Beige Terrazzo Look Tiles

This colour type can really help you design the interior of your bathroom. As a popular choice, you need to make sure that you also use another stone product like stack stones to decorate the feature wall of the bathroom to match its combination.

Benefits of Terrazzo Look Tiles

1. Durability

What if someone is shifting heavy furniture, and suddenly, you hear a big bang? It doesn’t sound comforting at all. These tiles are known for their firm structure throughout history as they’re mostly made of quality porcelain composites which makes them highly durable.

Cheap quality tiles and ceramic tiles are not sustainable for your floors as they are weaker than porcelain. At the same time, these porcelain terrazzo look tiles provide you with a lifetime experience.

2. Eco-Friendly

These tiles have diverse environmental benefits as there is no use of volatile organic compounds in them, and they are easy to clean. We can maintain good hygiene in our houses if we use these tiles, but it depends on the type of material as well.

3. Easy Maintenance

Homes having low-quality tiles are on the verge of risk as you can only maintain them for a short period of time, but your home will start to look rusty and old-styled after that. Terrazzo look tiles maintain a glistening look for quite a long time. Just use a mop with a good quality cleaner and get a new shiny surface back again.


Q. Are Terrazzo look tiles more expensive than natural terrazzo tiles?

Terrazzo tiles was readily available and quite cheap, but it can get a little expensive since advanced designs were introduced, and the factor that increases the expense is their installation and cutting process. It is more expensive than porcelain and ceramic tiles, making terrazzo look tiles a far better option.

Q. What is the process of installing terrazzo look tiles?

Following are the steps for installation;

- Measurements of your floor surface area.

- Spreading of screeding on the floor.

- After the screed has set, spreading tile adhesive on the floor.

- Carefully placing the tiles on the adhesive material and cutting off the excess tiles.

- Applying grout in between the tiles for a flush finish.

- Use warm water to wash excess grout and clean.

Q. Are there any disadvantages of terrazzo look tiles?

Coming to disadvantage, terrazzo look tiles are not good at locking heat, so usually, during the winter seasons, the surface gets cold, and most people must use carpets to provide insulation.


Summing up our discussion about terrazzo look tiles, these tiles are one of the best options available for flooring in the market.

You can have a delightful colour combination of these tiles at your home that gives a modern and elegant touch. They have unlimited design options, and you are left with many ideas to design your living space with our Homelable range.

Ancient art has never lost its spark, and Terrazzo is one of them. You will not only see this material on floors, but it is used in kitchens, bathrooms industrial and commercial spaces as well.