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Timber Look Tiles

Timber look tiles have found favour with homeowners for their authentic appearance and feel and the overall eco-friendliness of the materials.

These tiles are a great way to make any floor or wall feel like it's been transformed into something natural and traditional, without the environmental implications.

In our search for the ultimate timber look tiles, we tried textured tile and different patterns of wood, including light oak, spotted gum, and brown blackbutt.

Homelable timber look tiles were created to add warmth and authenticity to any space they're installed in, meaning that whether you are looking for timber look tiles for interior or outdoor timber look tiles, you have come to the right place. When texture & tone are added, it's easy to forget that you don't have the real thing!

These wood look tiles sit firmly on fully hidden with simple installation. They'll not fade or warp no matter how often they come into contact with liquid or unforeseen events that can produce cracks.