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Timber Look Tiles

Timber look tiles have found favour with homeowners for their authentic appearance and feel and the overall eco-friendliness of the materials.

These tiles are a great way to make any floor or wall feel like it's been transformed into something natural and traditional, without the environmental implications.

In our search for the ultimate timber look tiles, we tried textured tile and different patterns of wood, including light oak, spotted gum, and brown blackbutt.

Homelable timber look tiles were created to add warmth and authenticity to any space they're installed in, meaning that whether you are looking for timber look tiles for interior or outdoor timber look tiles, you have come to the right place. When texture & tone are added, it's easy to forget that you don't have the real thing!

These wood look tiles sit firmly on fully hidden with simple installation. They'll not fade or warp no matter how often they come into contact with liquid or unforeseen events that can produce cracks.

How Timber Look Tiles are the Best Option for Your Floors?

Designing your own space is a very difficult task as everyone wants to make their space look more stylish and more enchanting. People prefer the timber look tiles as a great option for them, and it is no secret that it makes the space more attractive and captivating.

Buyers especially look for timber look tiles flooring as they are easy to clean and have natural refinement.

People can easily maintain tiles because of the tiled surface. It won’t fade or blemish easily and has many benefits. They have great material and cannot be affected by rain or any heat.

The floor comes in a variety of tones and doesn’t need to be sealed or sustained on a regular basis.  The different colours and textures make the tiles more unique and stylish. It has become a very popular choice among people.

What are Wood Look Tiles - Floor that Looks Like Wood

The wood look tiles consist of porcelain or ceramic materials that look like grains of wood. The texture feels like real wood, like a natural substance.

Porcelain wood look tiles provide higher durability, strength, and more resistance as it is more refined and denser and has a high waterproof density. Floor that looks like wood have a fine texture, colour, and finish.

Colours and Patterns of Wood like Tiles

The tiles come in a variety of colours like natural wood colour, ash grey colour, or brownish colour. The pattern is very simple yet stylish, and people can create the patterns of their choice with wood like tiles. It has various combinations of patterns that make the space more attractive.

Benefits of Timber Tiles

People prefer timber tiles these days because they are in trend. It is very vast in use and provides the best durable and resistant experience. There are many benefits of timber tiles, and some are;

- You can easily maintain them. Plus, it does not require regular sealing or polishing to maintain the beauty of the tile.

- You can easily clean timber tiles with warm water.

- These tiles cannot be damaged easily as they are very durable and high in water-resistant, so that means these timber tiles do not absorb any kind of water.

- The tiles use natural clay so there is no need to cut natural trees to make timber tiles making them very environmentally friendly.

- There is a wide range of timber tile colours and designs to choose from. It comes in many colours, sizes, and designs to choose from.

Floor Tiles that Look Like Wood - Pros and Cons

People like floor tiles that look like wood because of their quality, but they have some pros and cons. Here are some of its pros and cons that a buyer needs to know before buying.


- They don’t leave any scratch. They are very long-lasting and stainless.

- The tiles consist of natural material and don’t have any chemicals included in the material.

- The design of the tiles is very simple yet stylish. It has great quality and people like its manufacturing designs.

- They are budget friendly meaning the buyer doesn’t need to worry about the price because they are very reasonable.

- You can easily install these tiles, and there is no difficult procedure to fix the tiles.


- The tiles feel slippery when they are newly polished.

- During winter, the tiles feel colder under the feet.

Recommendations for Timber Look Floor Tiles

Here are some recommendations for these amazing timber tiles.

- Always choose the best quality product of timber look floor tiles for your space.

- Choose the colour according to your interior space because it will make your space more fabulous.

- Select the texture that looks unique and stylish.

- Always use warm water to clean your tiles.

Which Wood Look Floor Tiles to Choose? Suggestions to Select the Best Tiles That Look Like Wood

There are so many products to choose from but make sure to select products that will make your space more unique and stylish. Here are some tips you need to follow before purchasing wood look floor tiles.

- Always go with a simple pattern because it makes your space wider and more unique.

- Choose tiles that are fully furnished and can be repaired if there is any damage.

- Buy longer floorboards because it can take minimum time to install.

- For better flooring longevity, choose porcelain made tiles that look like wood.

The Beauty of Timber Floor Tiles

The beauty of timber floor tiles is that you can install them everywhere in your space, like the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry. Their design is amazing with great quality as they are heat resistant with low water absorption.

Timber floor tiles can easily be re-polished and are very long-lasting. They are pet-friendly, and no hard maintenance is required. Timber tiles are easily available in every size, colour, and design. These timber tiles are now in trend in the market and the most purchased items.


Q. Does timber look tiles scratch easily?

The timber look tiles are durable and long-lasting, and they do not get scratched and look new for 15 to 20 years.

Q. Is wood look tiles waterproof?

Yes, if made from porcelain making the wood look tiles waterproof. It is water-resistant and does not get affected if exposed to moisture.

Q. Does wood look tiles fade?

The wood look tiles do not fade away even if exposed to moisture and sunlight. It does not get affected by UV rays.


At Homelable, we’ve given you detailed information about timber look tiles and everything you need to know about them. Timber tiles have become very demanding in the market, and they make the space more attractive, unique, and stylish. People from all over the world, especially high society, now move from plain tiles to timber tiles.

The colour, design, and texture are very sophisticated and make the space more appealing and the best thing about these tiles is that they are very budget-friendly and easy to install. In addition, timber tiles add value to your space.