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Timber Screens

Do you want to create a unique look in your home while providing a privacy factor? Then timber screens will be the best choice for you in this case.
You can install timber screens in your home to provide a functional, as well as a decorative purpose. People prefer timber screens these days while designing and renovating their homes due to their various advantages and modern design purpose.

Benefits of Installing Timber Screens in your Home

People these days pay special attention to their privacy in their homes, so they want to install timber screens which maintain their privacy while providing various benefits in improving their home.
Timber screens add a beautiful look to your place by providing high-quality material and they can be available in the market in different styles and qualities that a person should keep in mind to improve their home appeal.

What are Timber Privacy Screens?

Timber privacy screens can be a good option if you are looking for some stylish and unique way of creating privacy.
The timber fence screening often consists of hardwood merbau, blackbutt timber, or spotted gum timber in its construction. These days you can also get faux timber which is made of PVC which sometimes is called PVC timber screens. You should install these screens in your house for a successful privacy environment.
These timber privacy screens provide aesthetic fencing to the house with the texture of glass, bricks, or decks. You can install them in different positions and placements, such as vertical or horizontal.
We can call these amazing screens concealer screens because they create a concealed layer or sheath between two areas. Not only does it separate the two portions as dividers, but it also provides a visually appealing look to them.

Horizontal Timber Screens

You can install these screens in various positions or placements. There are also many different styles, designs, and shapes of these screens.
Moreover, the horizontal timber screens are also known as slatted screens because of their slat-like structure. People use these horizontal timber screens as a modern way of creating a unique look and privacy in their homes.

Vertical Timber Screens

Vertical timber screens are usually less common than horizontal timber screens. People often use these vertical timber structures to create a different geometrical pattern in their fences. Installing vertical timber screens includes vertically placing the wooden screens to create a different visual appearance.

Benefits of Installing Timber Slat Screens and Vertical Timber Screens

There are several benefits of installing timber screens in your home. A person should consider these advantages while purchasing them.
Following are some benefits of installing these screens.

1. Environment Friendly

The timber slat or vertical screens consist of either natural or faux materials for the home. Both these materials act as environment-friendly materials. It has positive effects on the surface of earth and these materials act as eco-friendly materials.
They are easily environmentally sustainable, and you can easily replace these materials as people find these construction materials easy to use again and again.

2. Insulating Material

The heat causes no negative reaction by reacting with these timber wood screens as heat makes screens more resistant and solid by their exposure. But exposing the natural wood screens to extremely high temperatures will be dangerous.

These screens act as an insulating material for your house by maintaining the temperature by providing a beautiful look. As for PVC timber screens, it is waterproof and weatherproof and heat resistant.

3. Water-Resistant Property

Timber and PVC has been preferred for a long time due to its water-resistant properties. It fits easily in damp environments and absorbs moisture.
People prefer timber in their home construction due to its weather-resistant and water-resistant characteristics. The wood and PVC screens cannot be easily deformed, hence preferred.

4. Protection                                                                                                      

Timber is a light material that offers strength, weather-resistant properties, and temperature flexibility. The timber wood screens act as insulation materials protecting people from extreme hot or cold temperatures. Similarly, people find them easy to use, and they act as safe materials.

5. Variety of Styles and Uses

The timber screens come in many different sizes, shapes, styles, and material types. People can also find these screens in various designs available in the market as you can also use them in many ways.
There are no specific ways of using these screens because of their functional purposes. You may install them as timber walls in your house or you can also install them as a separator for privacy purposes.

6. Easy to Install

People sometimes prefer having timber wood shields in their homes because they can easily install them without having much technical difficulty. You can also use them in different ways and various positional angles according to your preference.

7. Budget-Friendly Material

In comparison with the other architectural wood screens, timber acts as budget-friendly material for home installation. It is a highly durable and versatile material and serves various functions.
In addition, it is also a highly sustainable material, so people can re-use these screens again and again. In this way, these screens act as budget friendly as the other ones providing various benefits to the homeowners.

8. Provision of Stylish Privacy

People who want privacy in their home by using stylish and unique accessories should choose timber screens. The timber can provide wood privacy screens for people with the addition of a stylish look, so these wood slat screens provide both privacy and an aesthetic look.


Q. What are timber screens for privacy?

Timber screens is wood providing a unique and classic look in your house and these screens act as privacy screens due to their way of construction. They can be positioned horizontally or vertically and act as a separator between two parts of the area.

Q. Why do people install timber screens?

People install these screens due to their various advantages over the other wood screens. They are highly durable, and you can use them in various functional ways. In addition, they provide insulation to the house while being a budget-friendly material.

Q. What are the main types of timber screens?

According to their construction style, we can say that there are mainly two types of timber screens which these types include horizontal screens or vertical screens. You can install these screens either horizontally or vertically and either come in natural wood or faux wood like PVC.


Homelable provides a complete discussion of timber screens as well as their various types. People can install these screens for visually appealing purposes as well as the privacy factor.
In addition, there are also many advantages, such as you can install timber garden screens in your garden. You can also position them in different areas of the house or commercial space depending upon their requirement.