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Toilets are the most common component of the bathroom. You might have been studying the evolution of toilet seats, and they keep getting better and better with time. A flushing seat is one of the sanitary attachments inside your bathroom, and it's an important component.

There are many kinds of toilets available in the marketplace right now, so we at Homelable will be discussing some of them today. Explaining the most used types in the bathroom will improve your understanding in buying the best toilet.

Therefore, try to stick around so you can learn and understand more about the different types of toilets today.

Toilet Cisterns

It's the main component of your toilet which acts as a tank for storing water. The water that is in storage will be used for flushing purposes. Besides, a tank must hold a specific amount of water for flushing.

There can be size variations when it comes to the tank capacity in a toilet. Like, you can buy a full-sized flushing toilet, and it will have a significant amount of water capacity than a smaller toilet. Moreover, a cistern's placement can be different according to the toilet style.

Some seats have a cistern behind the panel, like in a wall-mounted toilet. That's the main and simple concept of a toilet cistern.

Different Types of Toilets

Toilet has its types providing functionality for most consumers out there. That is the reason why we are about to explain some of the major kinds of toilets below,

1. Back to wall toilets

This is one of the most common type of the toilets where you will find its waste pipes behind the wall. It is most common in practice, and most people prefer this toilet style inside their bathrooms. Moreover, the toilets are designed to have their cistern concealed.

In most cases, you will see the toilet is positioned against the wall or something for support. Its working is really convenient as well. There can be different flushing options depending upon the type of toilet, and most modern toilet suites will have a push-button for flushing purposes.

The location of the flushing function can be different as well, and some seats have it on the above of the panel while some feature on the side part. So working and placement of such toilets is also variable, depending upon the manufacturing process or styles.

2. Rimless toilets

Here comes another type in a toilet which brings superior hygienic style to most. You can easily identify a rimless toilet that doesn't contain a rim, unlike other toilets featuring a rim in the construction.

Its main benefit is regarding the hygienic standards that are higher than the toilet with the rim. Moreover, this toilet promotes the water shooting capacity till the edges, unlike toilets with rims. Therefore, there will be no dirty spots left behind.

Besides, people prefer this flushing style as there will be no germ build-up as with other toilets. Depending on your requirement, they come in different shapes and sizes, making them a versatile bathroom component.

3. P-trap toilets

Now let's understand this term for practical understanding. A trap is like a bend in the toilet pipes, and that's the medium through which wastes go out through a wall. These types of flushing seats have a medium to let the waste out through the wall.

In addition, it's another part of the toilet, such as S is positioned at the bottom of the toilet's body. The bottom positioning helps the waste to go through the ground. So this overall construction defines a P-trap toilet.

4. Toilet suites

Here's another very commonly used toilet in the market with its cistern fixed along the wall. Therefore, it requires a clear wall or any panel attachment when placing. So the cistern makes a connection with the pan using a flush pipe.

The wastage will be covered using a plastic cover featured in the toilet. Therefore, you no longer will see any working part as it's already hidden.

5. Wall hung toilets

That's another incredible toilet that hides away its cistern and pipes on the back of your attached wall. It offers a very luxurious feel to your washroom as the toilet itself is above the main ground.

Besides, the toilet itself is fixed by the wall by strong metal brackets for better durability and strength. Its working parts are concealed, making sure that your bathroom attains a very modern feel overall.


Q. What is the best flushing toilet?

Though there are many great flushing toilets in the market, here are some of the specifics.

- Rimless Toilets

- P Trap Toilets

- Back To Wall Toilets
    These toilets are the most used toilets in the bathroom. There are many designs and styling in today’s market with the terms of functionality and reliability. The strength of these toilets is also enhanced, promoting longevity.

    Q. Which is better, 1 or 2 piece toilet?

    These might be the most confusing questions regarding a flushing toilet inside your bathroom. Both these kinds have the same functionality in terms of flushing and consistency, and like, there is no performance difference.

    They also bring similar construction and parts, making sure they are the same, and you are free to pick anyone besides cheap toilets.

    Q. What are the different types of toilets?

    Most flushing toilets bring different attaching and flushing functionality when put in usage. Therefore, there are different types of flushing toilets available in the market to select. Some types, such wall mounted toilets, rimless toilets, and back-to-wall toilets, count in different types.


    You get a range of styling and functioning capacities in the toilets available in the market, and we did talk about each type so you can have a fair idea when purchasing.

    Moreover, the placements and the styling can impact the flushing power and efficiency of the toilet. You must take into consideration of each type from the above so you can have a perfect toilet suite matching other products in the bathroom like the floor wastes or shower grates.