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Wall Mixers

Showering and bathing is a wondrous ritual that refreshes body and soul and thus ensures a successful start every day. The wall mixers, which regulates the water pressure and temperature, is, of course, indispensable for this.

Therefore, wall mixers are an important part of every bath because it allows you to determine how comfortable and efficient the bathing experience will be.

From the most modern bathroom wall mixers with single-lever mixers to classic two-handle mixers, you are spoiled for choice when buying new fittings. Above all, your personal taste is decisive - or at least, it is for us!

The wall mixers from Homelable are modern designed and innovative functions for ultimate well-being, such as a diverter function.

If you are looking for a suitable solution for the whole family, the bath mixers from Homelable combine ergonomic designs with easy operation is the right choice when planning bathroom renovations.

Because the bathroom is primarily a place of retreat and welfare where you can get rid of everyday life stress, this should also be reflected in the look of your bath mixer.

Therefore, our designs aim to give your bathroom a modern and balanced look without being obtrusive.
These mixers pull out water from both hot and cold sources because of having a common spout. People can use these wall mixers in different parts of their bathroom to get hot and cold water from a single spout.
As it has both hot and cold-water valves, you can also control them from a single mixer or tap handles. A person can control the flow of water by using a mixer or tap. You can also easily replace these wall mixersanytime. The people can also repair these easily because they are just installed to the walls.
In addition, you install these mixers at above level from the sink or bathtub to fully enjoy the purpose of its functionality.

What are Wall Mounted Mixer Taps?

As the name suggests, this wall mounted mixer tap gets fixed to the walls instead of the basin or sink. The wall mounted mixers have various benefits.
For example, they provide both hot and cold water from a single spout. Similarly, they give an aesthetic appearance and a stylish look by hanging in the air.
People prefer installing these taps in their bathrooms because they give a unique and minimalist look. Its waterspout also comes in different designs.
You can enjoy blended water of any temperature you like. They are made from good quality cartridges so the water can flow easily from them.
A modern bathroom includes installing everything, which gives a stylish look. If you want to create a new look in your bathroom, we recommend this wall mounted mixer tap. You can decorate your house in different ways.
Paying great attention to bathroom designs is in trend these days. Wall mounted tapwares are the latest trend these days if you are looking for a modern loo

Factors to Consider while Purchasing Wall Mounted Tapwares 

Are you looking for the taps which create a modern, unique, and simple look for your bathrooms?
The wall mounted mixer taps work great for this purpose and are highly functional. While purchasing these wall mounted mixer taps, you should consider some factors in mind. It is very important to choose these taps carefully.
There should be a wide range of designs and styles available so that you can buy any of your own choice according to your bathroom design and layout.
You should also purchase them, keeping in mind the colour scheme and theme of the bathroom. The wall mounted tapwares should give a sparkling finish to your bathroom and for this purpose, they should be made of high-quality material.
The taps should also be highly durable and reliable for a longer time. You should always check the warranty time of the product and know all about the suppliers. Alongside, the price range should also be affordable.

What are Wall Basin Mixers? 

The wall basin mixers are trending in today’s market for the renovation of or newly built homes. You can use a basin mixer that combines hot and cold water together and many people enjoy many benefits of installing these mixers with the basin.
The knowledge of wall mixer price, its design, and durability is very important. A person should choose a mixer tap of a company that offers great service and warranty. You should also first read about the complete description of the taps before buying, so here at Homelable we offer just that.

Benefits of Installing Wall Mixer Taps 

The old times had gone when you had to wait for either hot or cold water from different taps when turning them on. Wall mixer taps make it easy for people to use a mixture of hot and cold water. It provides a single spout for the water flow. They are a great replacement for old traditional taps. For the renovation of your home, consider installing this wall mixer tap with a hand shower.
There are various benefits of installing these wall bath taps, which also serve as mixers. If we talk about appearance, these mixers look great. The mixers come in different styles and designs.
Choose those mixers that complement your bathroom’s theme and design as it will complement its luxury feel within the space
Most people find it easy to handle because they have a single lever. You don't have to turn the hot and cold water taps separately to get the water.
Their installation is also very easy, and they are budget-friendly to buy. You can get the best water mixture at a temperature of your choice.


Q. Why prefer wall mounted mixer taps?

They seem great to choose from because of the single point for hot and cold-water flow. In addition, these wall mounted mixer taps give a very clean look. They make the space look larger and give an aesthetic look.

Q. What are the benefits of mixer taps?

People mostly prefer these taps because they like their streamlined appearance. They come in different styles, and they are also more versatile than simple old-fashioned taps. You can also mount them for shower purposes. By just setting up the temperature, you can enjoy a perfect bath.

Q. What are the different types of wall mixer taps?

There are different types of mixer taps; the main types are the basin mixer taps and bath mixer taps. All these types come in different shapes and styles. Thus, you can purchase them according to your preference.


We’ve discussed everything about the wall mixers in detail. We talked about their uses and their different types. The focus also went to some of the main factors which should be considered while buying a wall mounted tapware.
In addition, we did touch on all aspects with a primary focus on the advantages you get on buying these wall mixer taps. These wall mixers come in different designs, and styles and they are easy to handle.